10 Eco Friendly Gifts That Aren't Crunchy, Preachy or Political


Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – whatever the event, a gift is in order. And being eco-conscious, you want to give a gift that doesn’t leave a huge footprint. All the same, no one wants to be political or preachy (well, I hope no one). Here are some eco gift ideas that work for everyone:

- When all you really need are flowers, go organic and biodynamic.

-Hemp or eucalyptus fiber hammocks for guilt-free lounging. A sure winner of a gift for any man. (Hmm…)

- For the artist in the family, a handmade journal made of very clean, very odorless elephant dung paper.

- For the practical indoor gardener – the Egg Plant, perfect for desktop agriculture.

- How about an Andy Goldsworthy book, full of the most gorgeous natural art photos you’ve ever seen?

- Here’s a whole variety of ethical, sustainable, sometimes classic, sometimes funky jewelry.

- For the newly arrived human on the planet, organic cotton baby clothes.

-A totally original clutch for the purse collector in your life. Made of eco materials, but you’d never know it from the looks of it.

- For the outdoorsy person you know you and love, how about a hemp backpack?

-The perfect office gift: handmade coffee cozies knit from reused materials.

That’s just the beginning. Hunt around the site and you’ll see that these days, few eco-friendly gifts carry even the slightest tinge of green attitude. I also recommend that you check out the eco accents summer sale at sponsor VivaTerra for a wide variety of chic eco gifts that aren’t the least bit crunchy. Good luck on gifting, and skip the Hallmark, because people love homemade cards the best. Have fun being creative!

Image: Kimberly*

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