10 Handy Green Gadgets You'll Love to Use


Just because we women like the latest green design and fashion trends doesn’t mean we’re not into green technology, too. I happen to be equally techie and earth mama myself – and I know plenty of women who are nuts about technology. Here are some useful green gadgets you’ll have fun with:

- If you’re a fan of the infamously battery draining iPhone, get yourself a solar powered iPhone case. Just make sure you spend enough time in the sun for it to work!

- The HYmini is a personal windpower generating device and it looks pretty slick, too. Check out our review.

- How cool is this? AA batteries that recharge by plugging into your computer’s USB drive.

- Check out this portable solar charger that works with cell phones, MP3 players and other small electronic devices.

- Kanguru’s energy-saving external hard drive that powers down quickly to save juice is a great gadget for anyone who uses their computer a lot. (Who doesn’t?)

- D-Link’s got some new wifi routers that save power by managing the strength of the signal to your moment-by-moment needs instead of running full power all the time. (Thanks, Slippery Brick.)

- Sure, we women might hate programming remote controls, but this is one worth tinkering with. At the push of a green button, you can completely turn off up to 4 AV devices (such as your TV, DVD player and stereo), instead of leaving them in energy wasting standby mode.

- For the subtle beautification of string lights (otherwise known as “Christmas” lights, but enjoyed by people of all faiths), try these solar powered LED lights that last for up to 10 hours.

- Here’s a clock that runs on the power of mud. Harness your houseplants to tell the time. (This makes a great gift.)

- Sakkuus makes a stylish solar powering shoulder bag made from the recycled sails of sailboats. They’re even marked with a label telling you which body of water the boat was used on. Fashion meets tech meets green!

Let us know what tech topics you’re interested in, and which gadgets you’d like to “green” around your house. We’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Image: Guillermo