11 Beauty Hacks to Simplify Your Summer

11 Beauty Hacks to Simplify Your Summer

Summer is the season of fun and freedom. Who has time for labor intensive get ready sessions? Not us. Use these summer beauty hacks for a stress free beach season.

1. Sea Salt Scrunch // Hair should be easy, breezy this time of year. Put the blowdryer, straightener, and curling iron away, and get your scrunch on. At the beach? Use seawater. For the landlocked, try John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender.

2. Sand Scrub // You know how your feet get super dry over winter? Well those babies are coming out of hiding and it is time to get them flip-flop ready. When hanging at the beach, exfoliate tootsies with sand. Otherwise, Chocolate Sun White Tea Leaf & Citrus Blossom Body Scrub uses Dead Sea salts, Turbinado sugar, and antioxidant White tea for sloughing and softening.

3. Brush Off // Feel you are in a constant state of sand battlement when spending time at the beach? Just before heading inside or getting into the car, dust skin with Beach Organics Beachcomber Organic Body Powder (talc-free) to absorb moisture and get rid of sand. This works on little bodies post beach or sandbox too.

4. Tea Relief // When you’ve overdone the sun, relieve discomfort and inflammation with the help of anitioxidant tea. Apply cooled green tea bags to affected areas or stand in shower and spritz body with chilled tea.

5. Big Chill // Sun exposure, alcohol, party foods, and lack of sleep all contribute to puffiness. Freeze green tea and run cubes over puffy skin and eyes for instant calmed, toned skin. Helps soothe summer acne too.

6. Fight the Burn // One thing we all deal with at some point during summer is the dreaded razor burn. Chilled chamomile tea bags are said to soothe this problem. Dr. Shannon’s Organic Skin Balm also works like a charm for this and so many other things.

7. Soy Good // Already tired of the regular leg shave? Soy may be good at stunting hair growth and making the hair finer, so you need to shave less often. Worth a try. LOVEFRESH Body Butter contains soy and other yummy smelling ingredients.

8. Frizz Co-control // Coconut oil is soothing, hydrating, and cooling. This makes it an ideal body moisturizer for summer. Did you know it works on hair too? Add a dab to ends of strands to combat frizz.

9. Fresh Pits // Another use for coconut oil – mix with just a bit of baking soda and use as an armpit scrub to lighten and brighten skin in this area.

10. Tan Fix // Baking soda also comes in handy as a sunless tanner fix. Did your faux tan go awry in a few spots? Put a small amount of baking soda on a wet washcloth and rub onto mistake until it disappears.

11. Ready, Set, Tone // Let your toner double as a setting spray. Mist over freshly applied makeup to keep from melting and smudging. Also great for freshening skin throughout the day. Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner is perfect.

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