11 Cities That Are (Way) More Expensive Than New York

The digs in these towns make Manhattan real estate look like bargain basement specials.

While New York real estate continues to be the most expensive in the United States, eclipsing cities like San Francisco and Honolulu, money management company Credit Sesame says when globally comparing cities, Manhattan is in fact laughably cheap.

At $1,068 per square foot, life in Gotham is an unattainable lifestyle for middle-income families, certainly in comparison to Phoenix ($79), Atlanta ($132) or even San Francisco ($520) and Honolulu ($614).

But when we talk about housing inflation in the United States, some perspective is in order.

Per Credit Sesame, which gathered data over the course of three years via 14 sources (including Factiva, Trulia, the New York Times and Iraq Daily Times), cities that way more expensive than The Big Apple are:

Hong Kong, $1,118

Copenhagen, $1,317

Helsinki, $1,366

Madrid, $1,395

Beirut, $1,448

Singapore, $1,561

Luxembourg, $1,563

Stockholm, $1,516

London, $1,590

Oslo, $2,099

Paris, $3,287

If any of these cities are out of your price range, there’s always Houston where a square foot will cost you just $54. Good news considering everything’s bigger in Texas.

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K. Emily Bond

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