11 Eco-Loving Conscious Celebrity Moms We Love

11 Eco-Friendly Celebrity Moms We Love

Happy Mother’s Day to our favorite eco-friendly celebrity moms.

Being that Mother’s Day is all about how awesome moms are, it’s time to send a shout out to our favorite celebrity moms—who not only live the green life like a boss, but always keep us aware of the planet-friendly ways we can do better (and be better).

1. Julia Roberts

This pretty woman lives green in a sustainably-designed home that’s solar powered and built with woods from responsibly-managed forests. Motherhood’s the big reason she started thinking critically about the environment and has made oodles of lifestyle changes over the years—from using environmentally friendly diapers when her kids were young to using only green household cleaners, she’s one of the many celebrity moms who practices what she preaches.

2. Charlize Theron

Not only has Charlize founded the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project, which supports children in need and AIDS/HIV education in South Africa, but she’s also a passionate animal rights activist and was a spokeswoman for the Clean Water Act.

3. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele is more than just a(n insanely) pretty face: In 2011, she was named Greenest International Celebrity of the Year, and devotes a lot of her time and money to environmental causes such as the Brazilian movement A Drop Of Water. She’s also extremely passionate about protecting the Amazon rainforest.

4. Meryl Streep

After reading a Natural Resources Defense Council report in 1989 regarding pesticides in produce, Queen Meryl created Mothers and Others, a group that taught consumers about chemicals and toxins commonly found in non-organic foods. Although the group ended in 2001, her efforts continue with other organizations like the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, a group that works to protect children from toxins in water and foods.

5. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia is the grand poobah of vegan beauty: She wrote a diet book called “The Kind Diet“—which is about living a happy, healthy life while taking care of the Earth at the same time—and her blog, The Kind Life, includes vegan recipes, beauty tips and other environmentally-friendly finds.

6. Natalie Portman

Where do I start? Natalie has always been a strong animal-rights activist. She became a vegetarian at nine years old, doesn’t wear fur, feathers or leather, and in 2007 launched her own vegan shoe line. Even her wedding ring is made with recycled platinum and conflict free diamonds!

7. Jessica Alba

After becoming fed up with the lack of effective, eco-friendly baby products available, Jessica and her hubby started The Honest Company, a line of toxic-free household items made from safe and natural chemicals to keep your family safe and sound.

8. Michelle Obama

Not only is she committed to creating a healthier lifestyle for her hubby and kids, but kids across America. From her Let’s Move campaigns for school children to educating them about locally grown fruits and veggies to wearing SpaRitual’s environmentally friendly nail polish, this girl is on fire.

9. Drew Barrymore

Drew is the epitome of natural beauty, and in 2013 she launched Flower Beauty, an eco-friendly makeup line. The products use botanical-infused ingredients, aren’t tested on animals, and are made in the USA.

10. Chloe Jo Davis

The ah-mazing woman behind GirlieGirl Army, Chloe Jo Davis is all about living an ethical life, and it’s impossible to not want to follow in her footsteps—she makes everything look so damn good! From food to beauty to fashion, there are equivalents to all animal products, and she and her army always keep us in the loop.

11. Jill Ettinger

No list of green celebrity moms would be complete without our very own Jill Ettinger! As our senior editor here at EcoSalon and our sister site Organic Authority, she helps us all make better choices for our health and the environment. When I was first hit with severe adrenal fatigue a few years ago, I knew my life had to change but had no idea where to start. It was stumbling across Jill’s words on EcoSalon (I wish I could remember which article specifically!) that helped push me in the right direction—toward whole foods, green living and that refreshing little thing called minimalism.

Who are your favorite eco-friendly celebrity moms?

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