11 Genius Studio Apartment Ideas to Live Large in a Small Space

11 Genius Studio Apartment Ideas to Live Large in a Small Space

Studio apartment ideas to make your humble abode look more homey and less closety.

When you’re living it up in an itty bitty space, every inch counts—which is why you need every quirky decorating tip you can get your hands on, amiright? Of course I am. And best of all, the smallest changes to your pad can make the biggest difference without costing a fortune.

Here, 11 handy studio apartment ideas will make your home feel much roomier:

1. Go long

Making your apartment look taller will also make it feel larger. Hang a pair of long curtains that start at the ceiling, or setup a tall bookcase to accentuate height and give you more storage space.

2. Use pops of color

While many experts say white’s the way to go in a small space, it can also feel like a total yawn. Sprinkle small pops of color throughout your place, such as a bright backsplash in your kitchen and a vibrant light fixture above your dining table: Doing so will keep your pad clean and simple, while making each area feel like a separate entity.

3. Hide your cords

Phone chargers, TV, and Ethernet cables are the absolute worst, which is why it’s uber-important to find savvy ways to conceal them and keep your closet—er, I mean, apartment—clutter-free.

4. Buy a tall table

Since a dining room table is typically the size of a studio apartment, buy a tall bistro set instead, or a funky bar table that you can put against the wall and roll out on a moment’s notice. Speaking of which…

5. Mobilize your furniture

Putting your furniture on casters will make it super easy to rearrange items as needed—for example, when you have overnight guests or your mom’s popping by for her annual health inspection.

6. Hide your jewelry behind artwork

Sure, hanging your jewelry on the wall declutters your dresser, but then your wall looks too busy. Consider hanging a piece of artwork in front of your jewelry (behind a piece of canvas art is the perfect hiding place).

7. Foldable everything

Consider investing in convenient foldable furniture, such as a bed, table, or desk, that you can quickly fold up when it’s not in use.

8. Don’t forget your corners

As tempted as you probably are to just toss plants in every corner, you can also use the space to create a cozy reading nook or extra storage with a subtle corner shelf.

9. Get your float on

Instead of buying a run-of-the-mill nightstand, buy wall-mounted one instead. The same goes for using floating shelves over regular shelves. It’s the perfect way to increase storage without cluttering up your floor.

10. Divide your space

There are plenty of unique dividers out there to make it feel like you have separate rooms—you can even use a shelving unit to pull double-duty as both a divider and extra storage. If you prefer open concept, use floor coverings to define each space instead.

11. Invest in a loft-style bed

Growing up, you didn’t call dibs on the top bunk for nothing. Not only would a loft-style bed offer you more privacy, but depending on the style, you’d barely lose an inch of floorspace. Cha. Ching. Bonus: Your sleeping space won’t be in direct view when you have company, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

What are your go-to studio apartment ideas?

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