11 of the Best Oils for Skin: Natural Plant-Based Beauty

jojoba oil

Ditch the complicated beauty care products and start using the best oils for skin.

One of the best beauty and health care tips I embraced was to stop buying into the sensational firming, anti-aging, silky-smooth claims touted by expensive beauty products. Sure, they may work this so-called “magic” quite well, but coincidentally enough, the best of these brands are often based in natural plant-based oils. So, why load on the extra fillers, fragrances, water and other colorants and preservatives when you can get right to the source?

These oils are incredibly potent, basically concentrated versions of the leaf, fruit or flower they herald from. A few drops are all it takes to transform your skin and your health. Do your bank account and your conscience a favor by embracing the natural benefits of plant-based oils.

Oils reap so many benefits that they simply cannot be ignored. They can be ingested, topically applied and even used as a bottle of incense, so to speak – one whiff and your mood can change! They are non-toxic, chemical-free and all-natural alternatives to store-bought beauty products and often get the job done much more effectively.

Be sure to do you research before applying any oil to the skin, as you want to first make sure if the particular oil complements your particular skin tone and complexion. Certain oils are best for dry skin while others are best for combination or oily skin.

Be sure to buy organic, pure oils that are extra ensured to be unadulterated and completely pure. Often, oils are diluted in another “carrier” oil, which is cheaper to produce, so make sure to look at the ingredients list to check if the oil you are buying is only what it says it is.  Also, don’t just look at the price tag as a show of quality. Most oils should be stored in dark bottles, as any exposure to light will spoil their quality. Do your research first, then bask in their glory.

11 of the Best Oils for Skin

  1. Sesame: Sesame oil moisturizes the skin and hair, has a slight SPF factor, lowers stress and blood pressure and even slows the growth of cancer in cells.
  2. Marula: This East African oil has a matte finish and is great for combination or skin, as it doesn’t leave behind any sheen. It is full of antioxidants and omega acids.
  3. Rose: If you’ve ever been to the Middle East, you’ll notice the widespread use of rose oil among women as a beauty product. It makes for a pleasant perfume and moisturizes skin and hair, improves hormone balance, treats PMS and menopause and even improves sexual performance.
  4. Argan: Argan oil from Morocco already has the beauty world buzzing, particularly for its anti-aging properties. The trend is there for a reason – follow it!
  5. Frankincense: I’m not sure how to pronounce this one, but I’ve seen it pop up in some of my favorite raw and organic moisturizes. It is touted for preventing acne and healing burns, rashes, cuts and scrapes. It also improves the immune system.
  6. Jojoba: Jojoba oil is light and very easy to find at most drug stores. Its purposes also spread thin. It can be used for all skin types and reaps so many benefits – moisturizes, heals and reduces fine lines.
  7. Tea Tree: This oil gets red of fleas, clears acne, kills bacteria, eliminates bad odors, cleans silver and dresses wounds. It is a popular ingredient in natural anti-acne remedies as well as natural toothpastes.
  8. Coconut: You can eat it for incredible benefits, but it is just as effective as a moisturizer. Coconut oil is packed with healthy fats that leave you with smooth, supple and young skin. The coconut oil benefits are endless.
  9. Grapeseed: Protecting the skin from UV damage is reason enough to rub in grapeseed oil, but it is full of other benefits as well. It is great for oily skin, because it naturally regulates oil production. It also has strong antioxidants.
  10. Chamomile: Sip your chamomile tea to relax and apply chamomile oil on your face to reduce irritation. Consider chamomile your one-stop shop to unwind and release tension.
  11. Almond: Packed with some sweet benefits, almond oil is light and leaves behind a silky, soft and smooth finish.

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