11 Perfectly Juicy and Ripe Recipes for Summer Berries

summer berries recipe ideas

Take advantage of berry season with these ideas for using up all those delicious summer berries.

Whether you grow your own summer berries or buy them at the farmers market, it is easy to quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the abundance of sweet and juicy berries. While it’s possible to eat fresh berries all day long, it’s definitely not recommended. Instead, use up those summer berries in delicious recipes ranging from savory to sweet–and maybe even a cocktail or two.

11 Recipe Ideas for Summer Berries

1.Berry Kombucha – Use summer berries to add flavoring during your secondary ferment when making kombucha for a sweet, sour, and probiotic healthy delight.

2. Berry Trifle – A trifle is a layered dessert made with fruit, a thin layer of sponge cake, custard, and whipped cream.  It’s super easy to make, but adding summer berries makes it far more impressive.

Summer berries recipe ideas.

3. Homemade Berry Yogurt – While making homemade yogurt does take a little patience, it is easy enough to make. Use fresh summer berries in your homemade yogurt for the ultimate breakfast.

4. Berry and Meyer Lemon Semifreddo – A semifreddo is an Italian dessert that can best be described as a frozen mousse. This meyer lemon and berry version is perfect for a warm summer evening.

5. Summer Berry Sangria – What better way to use up all those delicate summer berries than tossing them into your favorite red wine sangria recipe?

Summer berries recipe ideas.

6. Savory Blackberry Sauce – Believe it or not, this savory blackberry sauce goes well with salmon, steak, lamb, and pork.

7. Mixed Berry Cobbler – A cobbler is a super easy yet impressive and delicious dessert to make. It’s kind of like a deconstructed pie and it’s perfect served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

8. Summer Berry Salad – Toss summer berries onto your salads for added sweetness and some depth of flavor.

Summer berries recipe ideas.

9. Berry Hand Pies – Hand pies are another super easy dessert to make, and are a great way to use up lots of berries. They even freeze well and can be reheated for a snack, or dare we say for breakfast?

10. Mixed Berry Margarita – Who knew that berries and tequila could be so tasty? Puree up some mixed summer berries, strain, and add tequila and Grand Marnier to taste. Sugar the rim of your glass for extra points.

11. Blueberry Salsa – Substitute tomatoes with blueberries with this recipe for blueberry salsa goes equally well with chicken or chips.

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