11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Dip-Dye

Wool Wall Hanging Image via Threadandfrill
Wool Wall Hanging Image via Threadandfrill

One easy way to add color to your home decor is to use the dip dye technique.

Even if you are a novice to doing-it-yourself, dip-dyeing is super easy to complete. The key is making certain that you have enough and the right kind of space to handle the project. Depending on the size of what you are dyeing you may need a good amount of space and a large enough vessel to hold your paint, i.e. dying salt and pepper shakers takes less space than dyeing a kitchen chair. You may also want to consider doing your dyeing outside or in the garage or basement.

The necessary supplies are pretty straightforward. You will need dye appropriate for the material you are dyeing–for example RIT fabric dyes should cover most of the textile objects. Rubber gloves are recommended and you will need a large enough vessel in which to dip your object. Big plastic tubs work for many items and offer easy cleanup, too.

11 Items to Dip Dye Now!

1. Pillows – Everything from throw pillows to floor pillows cases can be dip-dyed and is an easy way to bring in more color to your decor.

2. Bedding – Give plain white bedding some pizzaz or freshen bedding that needs a new life by dip-dyeing.

3. Pallets – Even pallets can be dyed, either before or after repurposing them into some useful piece of furniture or home decor piece.

4. Wall Canvases – Channel your inner Picasso by dip-dyeing pre-stretched art canvases found at the arts and crafts store. Everyone can do this, no matter a newbie or established artist.

5. Baskets – Baskets are ubiquitous in most homes. Liven them up with some color. Go monochromatic or use different colors for a bold impact.

6. Rugs – Turn plain canvas rugs into a work of art for your floor with a little dye and some drying time.

7. Candles – Looking to spice up your table for your next dinner party without a lot of fuss and money? Dip-dye a collection of candles for a dramatic centerpiece.

8. Tablecloths/Placemats/Napkins – By the same token, kick things up a notch by adding color to plain table linens with a little planning ahead.

9. Chairs – Turn a collection of mismatched wooden chairs into a matching collection. Dip just the ends of the legs, the backs of the chairs, or mix it up for some a fun and colorful effect.

10. Lamps – Turn thrift lamps into colorful and elegant lighting fixtures. Dip-dye the lampshades or the bases for a simple afternoon project.

11. Wall Hangings/Plant Holder – For extra points, macrame a pretty wall hanging or plant holder and dip-dye it. Here is a simple tutorial to get you started.

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