12 Deliciously Chocolate Lotions, Creams, and Other Yummy Body Treats

12 Delicious Chocolate Lotions, Creams, and Other Yummy Body Treats

Indulge in these decadent, delicious, calorie-free and no-guilt chocolate lotions, butters, and scrubs.

If Valentine’s Day is all about love and chocolate, what if you could indulge in luscious chocolaty decadence without one calorie? With delicious body products you can. You might even feel naughty; like you’re smoothing whipped chocolate frosting all over your body. But go ahead. With these tempting body treats, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do!

For Your Body

Delicious Chocolate Scrub

1. Body Deli Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub

Open the jar, take a whiff and you’ll be caught up in a wave of delicious decadence. Modeling itself after a juice bar, the Body Deli serves up fresh raw and organic treats for your skin that are made in small batches fresh daily. The fine sea salt exfoliates and polishes your skin so that it’s extra touchable.

2. Natural E NYC’s Cocoa Absolute Whipped Sugar Scrub

Imagine putting whipped cocoa and vanilla cake frosting on your body in the shower. That’s what this product all about. It leaves your skin so soft and supple you hardly need to moisturize.

3. La Pomme’s Organic Chocolate Butter Body Scrub

With claims that it will “make your mouth water” this rich moisturizer leaves your skin smooth and undoubtedly kissable. Organic cocoa butter melts slowly into your skin while the sugar acts as a gentle exfoliator. All with a delicious chocolate scent that lingers for hours.

4. Colorado Aromatics Chocolate and Rose Geranium Soap

This handcrafted cold processed chocolate soap with finely ground cherry pits will make your skin as soft as a baby’s tush. It has a high amount of glycerin that is very moisturizing. And far from the industrial detergent soap bars, it’s made with cocoa butter and organic cocoa powder to keep your skin soft.

5. Kimo Bentley’s Chocolate Moisture Essence Cream

It’s so decadent – it’s like putting whipped cocoa frosting on your skin. You might be temped to eat it. All natural and packed with antioxidants, it’s a luscious deep mega moisturizer. The founder says cocoa “makes an excellent skin-detoxifier which sloughs off the dead skin cells and allows the newly exposed, fresh skin to breathe freely.” It leaves your skin supple and chocolatey.

6. Moon Butter

A cross between skincare and perfume, this balm is a luxurious moisturizer that you can eat off your skin as it’s made with edible grade oils and butters. If you’re reading between the lines – that means you can Moon Butter between the sheets. Even the natural fragrances are from nocturnal flowers like: orange blossom, coffee flower, and tuberose.

7. Thesis Chocolatier’s Gift Organic Vegan Eco Body Scrub

100% organic and raw fair trade sugar and cocoa makes this chocolatey body scrub even more delicious. It’s combined with an organic shea and a coconut base. The creamy base melts into your skin leaving it smooth, moisturized and delicious.

8. Ellovi Mint Chocolate Butter

Homemade, artisanal, and with only “six very pure ingredients” this body butter is what mint chocolate dreams are made of. Massage worthy, we’re told a little goes a long way. Who can say no to a massage with this chocolatey body butter?


For Your Lips

Delicious Lip Butter

9. Fig + Yarrow Rose-vanilla Tinted Lip Sheen

If you love the scent of roses, why not wear it on your lips? Made with organic plant oils and butters with a natural tint, you’re lips will be soft and kissable.

10. Ellovi Mint Chocolate Lip Butter

Go ahead, lick your lips. You’ll want to with this luscious lip butter. Make with European cocoa and distilled mint, your lips will taste like refreshing chocolate mint ice cream all day.


For Your Face

Thesis Chocolate Face Mask

11. Thesis’s Chocolatier’s Gift Organic Face Mask

Organic vegan and eco, this nourishing facemask leverages clay, raw fair trade chocolate and energizing spices to make your skin gorgeous and vibrant with no preservatives or synthetic fillers.

And what would Valentine’s Day be without the gorgeous scent of roses?

Best Diffusor

12. Nu Skin’s Epoch Mist Diffusor

To put you in a romantic mood, this diffuser uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology to fill your entire home with the scent of roses from your favorite rose essential oil. The ultra fine mist lasts for hours and one small bottle of rose essential oil can keep the atmosphere of romance going long past Valentine’s Day.

Go ahead. Lavish your body and senses with decadent chocolate lotions, creams and rose scents this Valentine’s Day. It’s pure indulgence. And no regrets!

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