12 Fashion Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Neckline

Sweater neckline

Fashion tips on which necklines work best with your body shape – and which ones really, really don’t.

Whether you’re buying a t-shirt, sweater or dress, the neckline will often be what makes or breaks your look. Choose the right one and you’ll look taller, slimmer and stylish. Choose an unflattering neckline for your body shape and… well, the opposite. There are oodles of fashion tips out there to help you accent your best features, but it all begins with your neckline.

Below are 12 necklines (and the fashion tips that go with them):

1. Boatneck
If you’ve got an hourglass figure, a boatneck will give you a more balanced look. If you have narrow shoulders and a small chest, it will make you look bustier (cha-ching!). You should avoid this neckline if you’re apple-shaped, since your broad shoulders will appear even wider and throw your figure off-kilter.

2. Cowl Neckline
A cowl neckline is the BFF to both the small-chested and well-endowed woman: It adds volume to a small chest, while downplaying a larger one. The way the fabric drapes will highlight your neckline in a unique way – and if you’re a minimalist like me, you’ll love how it stands on its own sans jewelry.

3. Crew Neckline
This neckline is the simple, versatile rounded neck we all know and love. Because there are many different ways to wear it, the crew suits most body types. Steer clear if you have a round face, and choose a deeper scoop if you have a short neck. If you don’t have much going on in the bust department, stock up on this neckline, stat.

4. Halter Neckline
The halter makes practically every woman look like a hot tamale. Halters look best on tall women and/or women with broad shoulders. Bonus points if you’ve got well-toned arms and smokin’ shoulders. Avoid this neckline if you’ve got bulky arms and/or a large bust, as it will make you look wider than you are.

5. Off-shoulder
The off-shoulder neckline is similar to the boatneck in shape, but it sits lower on your body. It comes in oodles of styles – some show both shoulders while others expose only one. This look is super-flattering if you’re bustier or have narrow shoulders. If you have wide shoulders or bulky arms, an off-shoulder will make you look even wider.

6. One-Shoulder
If you dig drama, nothing beats a one-shoulder – or asymmetrical – neckline. If you’ve got narrow shoulders and thin arms, it will add fullness to your figure. If you’re bustier, make sure you’re wearing a dependable strapless bra, as this neckline will add volume while offering little support.

7. Scoop Neckline
This neckline is uber-versatile, as long as you watch out for the size of the scoop: A wider scoop will make women with narrow shoulders look wider, and give a bustier look to those who are challenged in that area (you know, like me). If you’re already busty, wearing a narrower scoop will create the illusion of a smaller bust. This neckline’s especially perfect for an hourglass figure, since it helps to balance out your body.

8. Square Neckline
Square necklines are great for busty women, as they provide a sophisticated look without showing too much cleavage. If you have a shorter neck or narrow shoulders, this neckline will help elongate your body. If you’re uber-scrawny, wearing a fitted square neckline will give you the illusion of curves.

9. Strapless
As long as you’ve got a proper foundation underneath (in other words, steer clear of those hideously uncomfortable sticky bra pads), practically anyone can pull of a strapless look. They elongate the neck and make petite women look taller – plus, if you love your arms and shoulders, why not flaunt them?

10. Sweetheart Neckline
This neckline is perfect for large-busted ladies, as it accentuates your cleavage while offering considerable coverage – sayonara wardrobe malfunctions! If you have a short neck, it will help you look elongated. If you’re self-conscious about the central part of your body, then it’s best to nix this neckline from your repertoire.

11. Turtleneck
Turtlenecks are best if you have a longer neck, since they tend to make women look shorter. They can also make your head look like it’s floating if you’re not careful, so make sure to leave some room between your chin and the top of the turtleneck. If you’re small-chested or have narrow shoulders, you’ll benefit a lot from this neckline. You should avoid turtlenecks if you have a round face, large chest, or have an apple body shape.

12. V-Neck
The most versatile neckline of all, the v-neck is universally flattering: It will make you look leaner and taller, no matter your body shape. If you have a larger bust, just watch the cut: A high V might make you look saggy, and you probably won’t be able to trust the girls in a plunging V.

Which neckline fashion tips do you live by?

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