13 Fun Things to Do on Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day

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Today is Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day, which means you’re going to need fun things to do. You’re welcome.

As far as I’m concerned, Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day should become as sacred a day as Thanksgiving. Too many of us only take time off when we’re sick, or because someone else is sick, or because we’re faking sick. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say, “I feel so fabulous that I’m not coming in to work today,” and you know, not get fired?

Since it falls on a Sunday this year, you basically have no excuses holding you back from finding fun things to do and making your dream day off a reality. Do things today because you want to, not because you have to.

Need some inspiration? Here are 13 fun things to do on your well day:

1. Start your day off right

You know those 2,412 corners you cut in the morning just to get out the door on time? Take the morning and spend it exactly how you’ve always wanted to.

2. Read a book

None of this read-a-sentence-then-get-up-and-do-something-more-responsible nonsense. I’m talking sit and read chapters at a time here, people.

3. Do as your cat does

The fact is, cats know what life’s all about. He’ll definitely be able to teach you a thing or seven about how fabulous me time really is.

4. Finish something that’s been bothering you

Whether your closet’s in disarray or you haven’t done a digital detox in a while, organize something in your home or finish a project that’s been hanging over your head – you’ll feel amazing afterward.

5. Catch up on your favorite television shows

That is, if Twitter hasn’t already ruined the suspense for you.

6. Play video games

I mean, shouldn’t you find out once and for all what all the fuss is about?

7. Find a Pinterest project

You know those Martha Stewart-esque Pinterest projects we all want to try but never get around to? Now’s your chance! And who knows? It might turn out exactly like the picture! (And a unicorn might gallop through your living room!)

8. Have a nap

Seriously, take one for the team.

9. Update your playlist

When was the last time you downloaded new tunes to jam out to? (In my case, I’m pretty sure CDs were still popular.)

10. Try a new workout

If your exercise routine’s feeling a little stale, look into new workouts at your local gym (or on your local YouTube) and go to town.

11. Road trip it up

If you’re dying to hit up a store or two, go on a road trip to the next town over for a change of scenery – and since you won’t be rushing around, you’ll actually get to notice it.

12. Reconnect

Check in with yourself and how your life’s going. It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into those emotions we tend to ignore for the sake of our to-do lists… or rather, our to-do scrolls.

13. Do nothing

That’s the beauty of today: It’s one of the few opportunities you get all year to not only do nothing, but not feel guilty about it afterward. Indulge. Enjoy. Or not. Whatev. (That was my lame attempt at being casual.)

What fun things to do are you planning to indulge in?

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