15 Things the Foodie Next to You at the Food Co-op Probably Was Thinking: Foodie Underground

Things the Foodie Next to You at the Food Co-op Probably Was Thinking: Foodie Underground

Column Things that a foodie didn’t dare say out loud, but was definitely thinking. 

While it might seem like all those people surrounding you on your grocery shopping trip are normal, if they all had though bubbles above their heads, you would know the truth. Thankfully, Foodie Underground is here to help with exactly that. The girl holding a basket full of chard and seaweed crackers? The guy pondering whether he should get the raw cashew butter or just go for comfort food and get the peanut butter? Yeah, they’re all on the same page. If you’ve ever wondered what was going through these foodies’ heads, here’s your answer.

  1. “I can’t believe they don’t sell black quinoa.”
  2. “Shit, it’s already 5pm, there won’t be any natural light left for me to photograph this when I get home.”
  3. “I wonder if acai berries or goji berries would make for a better second kombucha fermentation?”
  4. “Why don’t they have food-grade twine available yet?”
  5. “They’re out of mason jars???”
  6. “Just look at the price of Sriracha, I am so glad I make my own.”
  7. “Ooh, dark chocolate covered cardamom and chipotle infused candied ginger for only $19.99. I’ll take three!”
  8. “Quail eggs; that would make my Friday night handmade ramen better.”
  9. “No more pomegranate? What am I going to put on my steel cut oats tomorrow?”
  10. “Truffles! Normally I only get the white ones, but I guess I can make an exception…”
  11. “The floral notes and the over pronounced acidity on that wine were just terrible last time.”
  12. “Why is there never a non-fat goat’s yogurt?”
  13. “Oh look, hand-churned butter with chunky sea salt!”
  14. “I need a turmeric ginger infusion, I hope the juice bar isn’t closed yet.”
  15. “I want a cupcake.”

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Anna Brones

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