17 Clever Repurposed Garden Planters to Add More Plants to Your Space

Repurposed planters.

Spring is the time of year when our minds turn towards planting. Springtime bulbs, summertime vegetable gardens and autumn pumpkin patches–all have their origins in the early springtime with the bevvy of seed catalogs that come in the mail. While you are coming up with your plans, don’t forget to think about garden planters.

Garden planters can be easy and clever ways to incorporate plants both inside and outside your home. Whether nasturtiums on your deck or an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, planters can be a great alternative.

Not only can containers be easier to manage and add visual interest to your home, they are also great ways to repurpose items that might end up in the trash or the recycling bin. In addition, using planters offers versatility, because planters can be moved around–that is unless you are using huge planters.

Repurposed planters.

Image: karenblakeman

Here are some great ideas for repurposing goods as planters both inside and outside your home.

  1. Use an old colander as a clever succulent planter.
  2. Turn wooden wine boxes into a patio salad garden with this project idea.
  3. How pretty is this vintage bread box planter?
  4. Got an unused tackle box? Make it into a smart planter.
  5. Don’t trash that old bureau, turn into a succulent planter instead.
  6. Use leftover galvanized steel heating and air repair materials as pretty planters.
  7. Old paint cans can make great small planters.
  8. Reuse coffee cans as fun and colorful cactus planters.
  9. Turn an old chandelier into a hanging planter.
  10. Repurpose an unwanted suitcase for new meaning to the phrase container garden.
  11. Even turn old soup ladles into succulent planters.
  12. Cinder block bricks get a redo as useful planters.
  13. Turn a teapot into a pretty planter for your favorite posies.
  14. Use an empty wine bottle as a clever planter.
  15. Drawers from an unwanted piece of furniture can be turned into stylish planters.
  16. Repurpose pallets as vertical planters.
  17. Give boring planters the boot, use old boots as planters!

Finally, container gardening does have it’s challenges., so once you’ve settled on your containers, read up about the process using these resources.

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