20 Things to Do With a Chalkboard That Don’t Involve Detention

Write on it, muse on it – do anything you want on it.

The chalkboard has busted out of the classroom and into a well-appointed home near you. Last week we showed you one very cool DIY idea; now here are twenty other cool things you can do with a little chalk and a board full of inspiration.

Chalkboard planters from RossLab

Chalk tags from Lake Effect Treasury

Refrigerator message chalkboard, also from Lake Effect

Chalkboard size weekly planner from Household Words

Also available in polka dot, from Write On Decals

Chalkboard photobooth props you never thought you needed – until now! – from Itty Bitty Wedding

Chalkboard abacus in the event of actual chalkboard-based learning, from &XYZ Handmade & Vintage

If not, there’s always the chalkboard flask to slip into your backpack, from Supply by Chrit

Chalkboard labels for your staples (perfect on a mason jar) from Let’s Talk Chalk

Chalkboard speech bubble (perfect for over sharing) from Chalk Style

Chalkboard calcium reminders from the Pink Lemonade Party Shop

Chalkboard “do not disturb” hangers, from Kokuban City General Store

Chalkboard geography lesson/road trip planner from Lola Decor

Chalkboard full-length mirror, for those mornings when you just can’t deal, from Garth Fout

A chalkboard elephant in the room, another Chalk Style creation

Chalkboard hashtags for tweet addicts, from Grace Graffiti

Stop! It’s chalkboard time (commence Hammer dance) from Shopasta

Chalkboard art print from Flea Market Trixie. Don’t arrest, lest you end up…

…a chalkboard skull, like this one from I Am Home proving that a good board can be both a practical and stylishly macabre reminder to erase at your own peril.

Chalkboard birds because at this point we might as well put a bird on it.

Image: Roman Lily

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.