From Spacesuits to Greek Goddesses: a Look at 2009 Fashion Trends

Putting together a list of trends is pretty daunting what with all the trends that are actually out there and how ephemeral their lifespans are. But let’s have fun with what you’ll be seeing in your favorite retail establishments this year.

Nature-Inspired Tones


Maybe it’s because we don’t want to stand out as much, maybe it’s because the sun is no longer our greatest friend and we’re paler. Whatever the case may be, the front part of 2009 will be inspired by nature and all her subtle tones. If you favor fall’s jewel tones, don’t let this trend bring you down; there are lots of other trends listed here to incorporate and spice it up. (Image: Filly Designs)



Gauge this one by how 2009 brought in award show knockouts for the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes where half the starlets were floating down the red carpet with off the shoulder numbers. 2009 will definitely be the year to show skin. This might also be the year you really start utilizing the OnDemand free exercise programs or at least walking the dog faster. (Image: My It Things)

Folk Dresses and Blouses


Once upon a time there was a little pixie who slept on a bed of moss and drank droplets of rain”¦well, you might just feel that way slipping into this trend but more mature.

While bold, Russian inspired embroidery catered to the fashionable palates of 2008, folksy dresses and tops with fringe, beading, tassel and ample space to show your décolletage make us whinny with delight in 2009 and run for push up bras to force the issue. (Image: Johnny Was)



According to Miss Meghan, shoe expert, TV personality and author of The Perfect Fit, shoes are getting higher and higher:

– “Platforms are going higher – Louboutin unveiled an 8 inch heel this fall, and while platforms might not get that high across the board, platforms are definitely here to stay.”

– “Designers are focusing on the heel – this has been prevalent among high-end innovative designers like Prada, Miu Miu and Giuseppe Zanotti for two seasons now, and we will see it trickle down into the mass market brands as well in a bigger way.”

– “We saw purple in Milan last fall, and we will see it in an even bigger way this spring.” (Image: Melissa)

Cutaway Clothes and Sheer Paneling


Hold on to you 80s Apollonia (see Prince and Purple Rain for reference). I saw this creeping in slowly last year and here it is, begging us to oblige. Narcisco Rodriguez’s spring/summer 2009 collection is loaded with it and smaller designers are catching on too. Tip? Make sure the skin you show is ready for its close-up. (Image:

Bigger, Bolder, Much More Funky Jewelry


Chunky stones, big pearls, strands of gold, eclectic charms and probably way too heavy earrings rule the roost. Anything that doesn’t just sit quietly and glimmer. Personally, I love big cocktail rings and strands of necklaces so sign me on for this trend.

As I go on writing I want to impart my wish for you to not incorporate all these looks together or it will be your fashion demise. (Image: Angel Court)

Really Distressed Jeans


When I first heard about this trend by a local boutique owner I was horrified. Ripped jeans? Come on! But it’s true, distressed, ripped, frayed and torn jeans are everywhere this year but they have to be showing skin in just the right areas: the upper thigh and just below/above the knee are preferred. Skip too much rear exposure.

Just when you wanted to make shorts out of them”¦

(Image: Thrashed Jeans)

Nature-Inspired Accessories


Feathers, butterflies and and recycled wood grace our fingers, heads and chests. While the idea of getting back to nature has never been more prevalent (very transcendental), fashion begins to reflect our innermost desire: to value the simple things.

Wood nymphs beware.

I could go on. Harem pants, the art of color blocking, crumpled fabrics and space suits”¦

(Image: Moth Love)

Why don’t we all take a deep breath and think about where we live, how much we go out, what our lifestyles are truly like and how often we’d need a spacesuit for dinner with friends before we buy. As the year goes on, stay tuned to see how sustainable designers and boutiques will support these trends and how you can support them.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.