2010 Gift Guide: For All


These gifts are for the souls in your life that are brimming with charisma and personality (or maybe those begging for a hint of humor). From ski masks with facial hair to balls of seeds, we have gathered some of the best eco-friendly holiday gifts for your gifting pleasure. Give a handful of pencils fashioning mustaches, an Icelandic ski mask, wooden tools to serve up your salads, an Amish made scooter, or a tin to help you budget for a new tattoo (complete with hysterical instructions, including, “Do Not Tattoo Your Face.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Office Mustaches – Atypyk, $14.85
2. Beard Cap (Gray) – Birkiland, $91.20
3. Salad Wrenches – Atypyk, $25.65
4. Amish Made Scooter (Orange) – Reform School Rules, $245
5. I’m Savin’ Up for a New Tattoo – VideoSift, $7.95

Or how about giving someone a book that’s illegible, a ceramic shutter, gumball seed pods, facial hair on a stick, a pinhole aperture, or a roadkill necklace.


6. Romeo & Julienne – Atypyk, $23.62
7. Ghost Camera (Polaroid) – Branch Home, $68
8. Seed Bombs (West Coast) – Anthropologie, $6
9. Mustache on a Stick (Bartender) – Something’s Hiding in Here, $36
10. Paint Can Pinhole Camera – The Conran Shop, $20
11. Geo Necklace – Roadkill, $110

Still haven’t found the perfect gift?  How about this plastic aversion bag or this five year memory?

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