21 Tips on How to Destress Naturally

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Stress happens it’s learning how to destress that matters.

Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from a slew of  life experiences affecting both your body and your mind. The human body is designed to manage stress, and in fact, it can be a good thing, making us aware and alert. But continuous stress without the ability to relax can impact your body. It’s important to learn how to destress.

Tension related to stress can build up and stress can cause headaches, chest pain, upset stomach, sleeping problems, anxiety, irritability, and depression. As you react to stress, you can end up acting out in anger, overeating, abusing alcohol and drugs, and withdrawing from relationships.

The key to managing stress is having a number of tools in your toolbox that you can turn to when stress hits. While this entire list may not appeal to you, having a few tricks that work is the key.

Daily Stress Relievers

These stress relievers need to be done daily or at least a few times per week to have a real impact. In fact, it’s best to get started before you ever feel the first pangs of stress.

1. Meditation

2. Yoga (Restorative and Yin Yoga are great for relaxation.)

3. Running

4. Going caffeine-free

5. Qigong

6. Allotted device-free time

7. Identifying a crafty hobby

Reacting to Stress

When stress hits you hard, there are a number of steps that you can take to fight back. Keep these tools ready when you need them.

8. Journal

9. Deep breathing

10. Reading

11. Going news-free

12. Visualization meditation

13. Laughter yoga

14. Tending to friendships

Pamper Yourself

If you feel the weight of stress building in your body and mind, it may be time for a treat. Don’t feel guilty pampering yourself once in a while because tools like massage actually work.

15. Massage

16. Aromatherapy

17. Acupuncture

18. Pedicures

19. Attending meditation or yoga retreats

20. Planning a getaway

21. Facials

Learning how to destress shouldn’t feel indulgent, it’s actually part of our survival, especially considering that we’re no longer cavemen being chased around by carnivores. In fact, today much of the stress in our bodies is mental and the result of worrying. While it’s not entirely a bad thing, if left unchecked, stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

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