23 Legit Reasons Why Being Single Is the Best

23 Legit Reasons Why Being Single Is the Best

The curious case of being single and awesome.

Relationships are great, don’t get me wrong—the loving, the bonding, the sexing—but there are so many amazing perks that come with being single too. So many, in fact, it’s difficult to ignore the awesomeness of flying solo:

1. You can get your flirt on guilt-free.

Kelly Kapowski GIF

2. The entire bed. All to yourself.

Zooey Deschanel GIF

3. You don’t have to waste time on his douchey friends.

Naomi Campbell GIF

4. You also don’t have to do the whole insta-BFF thing which his douchey friends’ douchey girlfriends.

Gossip Girl GIF

5. You can skip shaving for months and nobody will ever know.

Amy Poehler GIF

6. Your at-home rituals can be as gross and unattractive as you want.

Friends GIF

7. You’re not financially tied to someone.

Tina Fey GIF

8. Vibrators don’t expect you to return the favor.

Bridesmaids GIF

9. When you clean your place, it actually stays that way.

Cleaning GIF

10. There’s no such thing as a predictable night out.

Titanic GIF

11. Sleep. As in, you actually get some.

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12. You can be as bloaty and miserable on your period as you want without having to consider someone else’s feelings (or libido).


13. The recommendations on your Netflix queue are actually for you.


14. Closet space.


15. You don’t have to deal with someone else’s family when you can barely deal with your own.

Modern Family GIF

16. Your future relationships will be that much better because you’re taking the time to deal with your shit.

Emma Stone GIF

17. You can order the exact pizza toppings you want.

Eat Pray Love GIF

18. You don’t have to compete with an Xbox for attention.

Clueless GIF

19. You can take as long as you want to get ready without someone getting all judgey.

Jennifer Garner GIF

20. You don’t have to find a place for his scary garage sale chair or gaudy football paraphernalia.

Friends GIF

21. You can work late/accept anonymous invites without having to check with anyone first.

Devil Wears Prada GIF

22. You can make mistakes without anyone holding them against you.

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23. Freedooom!

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What do you love most about being single?

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