24 Best Quotes From Our Favorite Female Characters on TV

24 Best Quotes From Our Favorite Female Characters on TV

TV shows come and go, but these fierce quotes from our favorite female characters will never go out of style.

  1. “I’m saying, in the spirit of science, what is that little skank’s problem?” -Amy Farrah Fowler
  2. “It’s one thing to say you’re gonna let go, it’s another to actually do it – to loosen your grip and let yourself fall.” -Felicity Porter
  3. “My gut tells me everything I need to know.” -Olivia Pope
  4. “I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” -Lorelai Gilmore
  5. “You say potato, I say vodka.” -Karen Walker
  6. “I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies.” -Leslie Knope
  7. “I’m an individual. And I feel how I feel when I feel it.” -Hannah Horvath
  8. “These men. Constantly building them up, and for what? Dinner and jewelry? Who cares?” -Joan Holloway
  9. “You call it crazy. I call it winning.” -Annalise Keating
  10. “Eeeewwwww.” -Lucy Ricardo
  11. “I am often the statistical deviation.” -Maxine Gray
  12. “Fine, judge all you want, but married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl’s wooden leg in the fire, LIVE IN A BOX.” -Monica Geller
  13. “I just need to ride out this minor humiliation until I find my Kanye.” -Mindy Lahiri
  14. “Men are such idiots, even the smart ones.” -Virginia Johnson
  15. “By all means, attribute my legitimate feelings of sadness to menses.” -Piper Chapman
  16. “Ugh, couples.” -Jessica Day
  17. “I am laughing, just not externally.” -Cristina Yang
  18. “I like irons, but I love fire.” -Claire Underwood
  19. “I’m not the one who got it wrong. I’m the only one who got it right.” -Carrie Mathison
  20. “I want to live my life so that I’ll be able to read an in-depth biography about myself in later years and not puke.” -Paris Gellar
  21. “My vagina waits for no man.” -Samantha Jones
  22. “I’m an experienced woman. I’ve been around… Well, all right, I might not’ve been around, but I’ve been… nearby.” -Mary Richards
  23. “Why are my arms so weak? It’s like I did that push-up last year for nothing!” -Liz Lemon
  24. “Okay, I think this will make more sense if I get more wine.” -Alicia Florrick

Who are your favorite female characters on TV?

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