25 Signs You Maybe Kinda Sorta Have an Internet Addiction

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Surefire signs you have an Internet addiction.

The Internet is the shit: We work on it, play on it, it’s there for us through thick and thin, and there’s nothing quite like reminiscing about the good ol’ days by scrolling through our browsing history. The Internet completes us. We could pretend we don’t have an Internet addiction, that our favorite activity isn’t Netflixing “Gilmore Girls” while not tweeting our every thought, but who are we kidding?

Here are 25 signs you’re hopelessly addicted to the Internet:

  1. Your laptop is always open, just in case.
  2. When you think of something hilarious to say, you don’t say it – you tweet it.
  3. When the power goes out, you have a meltdown of epic proportions.
  4. Your cat lies on your keyboard so you remember to feed him.
  5. You say “lol” instead of you know, laughing.
  6. You know exactly what Kim Kardashian is doing right now (even though you don’t want to know).
  7. You can’t start eating your appetizer until you Instagram it.
  8. You don’t pause your show for a bathroom break – you take it with you.
  9. When someone wants to use your computer you get all territorial.
  10. You sleep-text.
  11. When planning a vacation, the only criteria you look for is an excellent wi-fi connection.
  12. You can’t remember the last time you used an actual Thesaurus.
  13. You visit the weather channel website instead of looking out the window.
  14. Sometimes you hear phantom Facebook alerts.
  15. You get mad at your friends for not thinking the dramatic squirrel YouTube video is as hilarious as you think it is.
  16. You don’t order takeout using the phone anymore.
  17. You only know how to express your feelings through emoticons.
  18. You never make a decision without Googling your options first.
  19. You have a Google Alert set up for cat videos.
  20. You sent out memes instead of Christmas cards last year.
  21. You check your email every 35 seconds – even when you’re not waiting for anything important.
  22. Real life? Heard of it.
  23. The first question you ask everywhere you go is, “Is there wi-fi?”
  24. You’ve lost entire days to the black cavernous hole of (glorious) doom that is BuzzFeed.
  25. You’ve pulled a muscle nodding along to this entire article.

Do you have an Internet addiction?

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