25 Super Rewarding Ways to Become a More Active Citizen

25 Super Rewarding Ways to Become a More Active Citizen

Democracy only works if you work at it. Become a more active citizen with these tips.

While the Presidential election season may have you doubting our political system (not to mention whether you want to remain a citizen of the United States of Trump or not), we actually have a pretty good thing going on here. We may not have the “more perfect Union” envisioned by the founders of our nation, but there are plenty of opportunities for each and every citizen to get involved and contribute to that vision. And there is plenty our Founding Fathers didn’t envision that we can improve upon now, too. So, read on to discover ways that you can become a more active, engaged, and informed citizen.

Be a More Active Citizen

  1. Get a library card and check out the library programs.
  2. Support and read the local paper.
  3. Attend city council meetings.
  4. Write letters to the editor of your local paper.
  5. Start a blog about local issues.
  6. Organize a community garden.
  7. Work on raising the awareness around a particular issue impacting your community.
  8. Read the Constitution of the United States of America.
  9. Volunteer at a local food bank.
  10. Learn the laws of your local community.
  11. Organize neighbors to influence legislators to overturn unjust laws of your community.
  12. Organize neighbors to influence legislators to enact laws that will benefit your community.
  13. Visit and support local parks and other open spaces.
  14. Volunteer on local clean up days to help keep your community beautiful.
  15. Regularly contact legislators to let know them know your views on upcoming legislation.
  16. Join the social media platform Nextdoor to connect with your neighbors.
  17. Join organizations like the League of Women Voters, Americans for Democratic Action, Common Cause, and others dedicated to protecting open and transparent government.
  18. Attend school board meetings–even if you don’t have children.
  19. Learn about your community’s history at your local historical society and/or history museum.
  20. Check out your community’s calendar of events for ways you can get involved.
  21. Support local businesses by frequenting them and organizing shop local events to raise the importance of shopping locally.
  22. Attend performances of the local ballet, theater, musical, and other local cultural groups.
  23. Walk or bike where and when you can to get to know your neighbors and your community.
  24. Start a Little Free Library.
  25. Volunteer as a volunteer firefighter, mentor, or neighborhood watch member.

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