Puppy Teething Tricks Sure to Save Your Shoes


When I first got my puppy Leo, I had no idea how bad the teething process would be. He wanted to chew constantly – destroying my rug, my kitchen table, his puppy toys, a pair of flip flops, the wall and everything else he could sink his teeth into. And every pet store “teething” solution got demolished in a matter of minutes!

Luckily, I eventually discovered some life-saving DIY teething tricks. If you have a new puppy, try these easy solutions to keep his chewing under control – they’ll help his gums feel better, too!

Frozen Carrots

Whether baby carrots or the full-sized variety, many pups love chewing on this healthy treat. Freeze carrots to make them last longer and feel better on their tender gums.


Ice Cubes

My greatest discovery was emptying a tray of ice cubes onto the floor. Not only was it a game for Leo to chase the slippery sliding cube across the wood floor, but once he did the ice in his mouth I’m sure he loved the soothing feeling as he crunched away. Even though Leo is way beyond teething now, he still loves playing with ice cubes.

Frozen Rag

You can make your own teething chew toy with an old rag or wash cloth. Douse it in water, tie it in a knot and throw it in the freezer overnight. Once it’s frozen hard, give it to your dog. He’ll love chewing it and the game of attempting to untie the knot with his teeth should keep him occupied for awhile. Once it melts and becomes soft again, you can douse it in water again and refreeze.

Images: I Go Splat, SoggyDan