3 Barbecues? Give These Salads Some Love


It’s officially summer. Every weekend there’s at least one barbecue to attend, and sometimes more than one a day. Do you panic when asked to bring a side dish to go with the grilled protein option? Are you bored with the usual pasta, potato, three-bean, and coleslaw options? I hear you.

Here are a few interesting takes on the classics from around the web.

Simply Recipes is serving up a nice Asian Napa Cabbage Salad in place of the usual boring coleslaw. Great with grilled chicken, beef, pork, or whatever is on the menu.

From Eating Well we’ve got a bean salad that provides the sweetness of a classic three-bean recipe but with tomatoes for a balancing acidic note. Great with burgers or steak.

The Kitchn is offering this delightful sounding potato salad with fava beans and fennel. If you can’t find fava beans (they are a spring crop) substitute frozen edamame.

Next time somebody invites you to a barbecue, don’t panic. Just say: “I’ll bring a salad”

Image: Nikki L

Vanessa Barrington

Vanessa Barrington is a San Francisco based writer and communications consultant specializing in environmental, social, and political issues in the food system.