3 Easy Tips to Professional Eyebrow Shaping


Here are my three easy tips to get professional eyebrow shaping on your own.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows could be considered the “window treatments.” If the window treatments are too overpowering then you can’t see the view. On the other hand, if the windows are bare, the effect can be very stark. The eyebrow shape can either detract or compliment the eyes. Here’s how to create perfect eyebrow shapes in 3 easy professional eyebrow shaping steps.

Where to start with your brows? Before you turn over all control to someone else, take a good look in the mirror. Most often your natural shape is the most flattering. After all, the true job of the brows is to protect the eyes from things like sweat or rain running down our forehead. Your very own unique arched eyebrow shape (before you went crazy with the tweezers in 6th grade) helps to funnel the moisture towards the sides of the face preventing it from going directly in the eyes.

The brows also form a visual boundary on the face literally “framing” the eyes. And like a great frame, the brows should bring attention to the eyes rather than detract. Subtlety is the key. To create the most complimentary shape for you face (and eyes), use your features as a guide.

Here are the basics of creating beautiful brows:

Step 1: Measure

eyebrowbrow 3brow 2

Determine the parameters of the brows (use a white eye pencil to mark these measurements). Use a pencil or brush to create a line from the outer edge of the nostril to the inner corner of the eye and continuing up to the brow. This is where the brow should begin (mark here with the white pencil). Use the same technique to determine where the brow should end, this time the line goes from the outer edge of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye and continuing up to the brow (mark here with the white pencil). The arch should be just above the outer edge of the iris of the eye, when you are looking straight ahead (mark here with the white pencil).

Step 2: Remove hair

Once the parameters are determined, I use the same white pencil to connect the three points and create the shape of the brow. I use the line as a guide to determine what to keep and what to tweeze. I go by the adage “measure twice, tweeze once.”

brow 4

I like tweezing over waxing because tweezing is more precise, and when I am creating a perfect brow each and every hair makes a difference. I tweeze one hair at a time in the direction the hair naturally grows, and I wipe my tweezers on a tissue so they are more efficient at grabbing individual hairs. Don’t try to get a bunch at a time (remember quality not quantity).

Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. My favorite tweezers are made by a company named Tweezerman. I have been using Tweezerman slant tweezers for the last 22 years. (I have one pair that I have had that long!) These tweezers have a lifetime guarantee and the company has a free sharpening policy. Most definitely worth the price!

Once all the extra hairs have been removed I blend in my guide line (white pencil), which also camouflages any redness.

Step 3: Perfect

Lastly, I fill in any gaps using an angle brush and a powdered shadow that perfectly matches the color of the brows (if in doubt choose a lighter rather than a darker color). You don’t necessarily need to buy a special shadow for the brows, however stick to matte shadows only. Believe it or not I use Paula’s Choice “The Nude Mattes Eye” shadow Palette in my kit. The palette has a beautiful array of matte colors that match almost every eyebrow shade and the shadows really stay on (the brows or the eyes). To finish and keep the brows perfectly groomed apply a clear brow gel brushing up and out.

brow 5

The perfect eyebrow shape take a little time in the beginning but once you create the most flattering frame for your eyes the maintenance is minimal, and you’ll be surprised at how little eye makeup is needed to finish the face.

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