3 Halloween Looks You Can Pull Off All October

"Suspiria" poster

Want a new look? A fresh style? Halloween season is the perfect time to try out any new look you’ve been eyeing.

Some of the following Halloween looks could definitely be turned into a Halloween costume if you’re pressed for time, but also are perfect to don on any normal October day, too.

1. “Ginger Snaps” attitude

“Ginger Snaps” is a smart and scary movie about two death-obsessed sisters. A werewolf bites one sister and the other one has to… deal. Capture the sisters’ look by donning a dark, subtly goth look this fall. All you need is:

Crop top

A black crop top ($68)


A gauzy, black skirt ($6.99)


Ankle boots ($42.49)

Cross necklace

And a choker ($14.99)

2. “Suspiria” coyness

What’s a poor, young ballerina to do when grisly murders start to occur at her dance school? Investigate! Harness the delicate look of Dario Argento’s classic heroine, Suzy Bannion, by rocking this cute and simple pre-dance look for her (antiquing on a cool, October day for you):


Black leggings ($38)

Black shirt

Black shirt ($10.99)

Black flats

Black flats ($45.49)

White shawl

White shawl ($458)

3. The “Halloween” prep

It wouldn’t be a practical clothing Halloween list without listing the great Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis plays Laurie Strode, one of the most memorable final girls in slasher history, in “Halloween”. Before Laurie is screaming and running for her life, she’s wearing a put together, causal, preppy outfit. You, too, can look this casual, cool and put together by wearing:


High-waisted jeans ($88)

Blue shirt

Blue button up ($5.99)

Blue sweater

Dark, v-neck sweater ($25.49)

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“Looks that Kill,” via Rookie (for the “Ginger Snaps” idea, and inspiring the story)

Top image: Hannes Engelbrecht

Abbie Stutzer

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