3 Must-Have Wine Accessories You Can’t Sip, Gulp or Chug Without

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Wine lovers rejoice! You may love your wine, but nothing complements the experience quite like fun wine accessories that crack the code to having the best wine experience possible. These 3 wine accessories are just the beginning, but you will soon find that you can’t booze without them.

1. VIGO Wine Carrier


The VIGO wine carrier is a wine accessories must. It is designed to prevent broken wine bottles at social gatherings, special events, outdoor activities and even in a bustling house. Harnessed with GO!FOAM technology, the VIGO wine carrier prevents the breakage of wine bottles better than any other wine bag you can find anywhere in the world. It also keeps red ambient and white cooler for longer. Priced at $79, the wine carrier comes in three different colors: black, yellow and pink.

2. Coravin


Imagine this scenario: you want red wine, your significant other or friend wants white, so one of you compromises in order to avoid popping a bottle for just a single glass. Sound familiar? Well, Coravin now introduces a happy ending. The device is a technology to admire among wine accessories. A thin, hollow needle is inserted through the cork to access the wine, the bottle is pressurized with argon (inert gas that has no effect on the taste profile of the wine), and then the wine flows through the needle and pours into the glass. The needle is removed from the cork and the cork reseals, continuing to protect the wine from oxidization and allowing it to age naturally. Priced at $299.

3. WineHive


The WineHive takes cue from the structure of the honeycomb. Designed by John Paulick and pushed forward by a successful Kick Starter campaign, the WineHive is a wine rack with a patented interlocking system that is comprised of a single structural element that repeats itself to form an infinite array of honeycomb structures, so you can shape it to your liking. Its 120-degree joint system disperses weight loads more efficiently and uses less material than the man-made 90-degree system. The result is a beautiful wine hive rack that adjusts to all kitchen or wine cellar designs. Prices vary, starting at $149 for a 6-bottle hive.

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Photo Credit: VigoProducts, Coravin, WineHive