3 Easy Water Saving Tips


Our "hot" and "cold" taps aren’t correctly labeled by their manufacturers. What they really mean is "eventually".

Gallons of your precious water supply go to waste each year because you have to run the tap up or down to the required temperature.

Here are 3 tips to prevent the drain:

– Keep a few large containers under the bathroom sink and in the kitchen to fill while you’re waiting for the hot or cold to kick in. You can use this room-temperature water for your houseplants and herbs, or for rinsing delicate dishware, mopping the floor and washing dusty windows.

– Keep your favorite pitcher in the fridge, full of water and at the ready. That way, you’ll never need to use the tap for a cold glass of drinking water. (And keeping your refrigerator a bit fuller will help it to run more efficiently.)

 – If you’re peeling potatoes or other vegetables, do it in a large bowl with a few centimeters of water in the bottom. Why? If you peel them under a running tap, that’s 10 liters a minute running through your hands. (By the way, if you want to make peeling easier, soak the vegetables for ten minutes before you start).

Follow these suggestions, and you should get a nice surprise when your next water bill arrives!

Image: Teo

Mike Sowden

Mike Sowden is a freelance writer based in the north of England, obsessed with travel, storytelling and terrifyingly strong coffee. He has written for online & offline publications including Mashable, Matador Network and the San Francisco Chronicle, and his work has been linked to by Lonely Planet, World Hum and Lifehacker. If all the world is a stage, he keeps tripping over scenery & getting tangled in the curtain - but he's just fine with that.