4 Color Trends to Get You Ready for Spring

Spring color trends for 2014.

Spring has sprung! No matter if we get another winter storm, Mother Nature cannot hide from the calendar for long. And while it still may be too early for sundresses and sandals, it’s only a matter of time. Now is the time to make way from the spring color trends of 2014.

Color trends change with the season, and for good reason. We are reflections of (and intrinsic to) nature. When the season is bursting with bright flowers, fruits and vegetables, so does our taste for those colors.

Pantone has deemed Spring 2014 as the year of balance–they call it “a season of colorful equilibrium” and their Spring 2014 Color Report is full of pastels and vivid colors alike. And if you don’t like Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, there are plenty of other pretty pastels and vibrant colors for you from which to choose. Use these colors for everything from your nail color to your sofa color (and for everything in between) to be on trend for spring 2014.

Spring color trend

Here are some of our favorite spring color trends.

Spring color trend

Image: Lampsplus

Hemlock is fresh pastel green that lies somewhere between sage and mint green. It’s a refreshing versatile green that can take center stage or can also work as a neutral. Hemlock is a color that can work well as a base color for the walls, flooring or sofa, but can also work as a pretty accent color too.


Placid Blue

Image: Zazzle

Placid Blue is a soft blue that is reminiscent of the sky or a pool. It’s a calm, peaceful , tranquil blue that is perfect for walls. This blue is almost the color of your favorite faded Chambray shirt. It will be seen in everything from pain to nail colors this spring. It’s going to be the mint green of past color trends.

Spring color trend

Image: RoveStudio

Cayenne, as the name implies is a spicy red that adds a bit of drama to the spring colors. It is the color of a southwestern or southern Californian sunset–one part orange and one part red. If you want to go bold use cayenne on an accent wall or for window treatments. Cayenne is spring 2014’s statement red.

Spring color trend

Image: JillianReneDecor

Freesia is a floral color that is a cross between the color of daffodils or goldenrod.  It’s a bright, bold yellow that will be found gracing spring maxi dresses and bright, tropical-inspired interiors this spring. Use freesia to invigorate any room!

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