4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

When seeking the latest and greatest in mobile fashion apps, it appears that every major designer is downloadable. Forbes, Mashable and Harper’s Bazaar, among many others, have all ranked their top picks for browsing trends on the go and, well, when Chanel has an app, everyone else is sure to follow. Now, there’s a new kid on the mobile block: Orange Harp.

Based in San Francisco, it’s much more than just a fashion app and, rather, seeks to promote a socially responsible lifestyle with ease. Indeed, Orange Harp specifically partners with mission-focused brands that not only craft covet-worthy apparel and goods, but also, dedicate proceeds to causes ranging from ending domestic violence, to making nail polish absent of formaldehyde.

As if that’s not convincing enough, there’s more to love about Orange Harp, even further beyond this list of its four most conscious features. Shop away; the pleasure of this fashion app comes free of guilt.

4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

1. Commitment to the environment.

After browsing the products featured on Orange Harp, it becomes clear that the vast majority of its partner brands are committed to more than one way of making a difference through their business practices. One of the most common of those obligations is to the environment, such as that of Ecoalf, an outerwear manufacturer that makes products almost entirely from recycled materials like used fishing nets and coffee grounds. Going in a slightly different direction is PuraKai, a clothing company that works tirelessly to protect marine life, which inspires the brand’s name; “pura” translates to “pure” in Spanish and “kai” to “ocean” in Hawaiian. Orange Harp itself, of course, also seeks to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle through fun posts and tips in its blog, like its entry on “5 Questions” everyone should ask herself about recycling, buying cruelty-free beauty products and more.

4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

2. Commitment to fair and ethical labor. 

One thing is abundantly clear on Orange Harp’s desktop site: 1 percent of all its sales go to Not For Sale (NFS), a non-profit that works to end of human trafficking, an issue of much discussion within the retail sector. Orange Harp even has a section of its website devoted to highlighting NFS, complete with a sharp, inspiring video from the organization’s co-founder, Mark Wexler.

“With human trafficking affecting more than 30 million people worldwide, the Not For Sale cause is incredibly close to our hearts,” Orange Harp states. “We started Orange Harp to support and bring you companies that are transparent about their labor, diligent about fair working conditions, and support communities around the world.”

4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

3. Commitment to small business.

In addition to digital eco-style porn, Orange Harp makes sure to give each of its partner brands a chance to stand in the spotlight. When a brand is selected from the app’s list of Makers, every last one comes with an option for users to read its story, learn about where its goods come from and what, exactly, each company’s mission is. These brands, to the general masses, may seem somewhat obscure, speaking volumes of Orange Harp’s genuine devotion to a local, grassroots mentality.

4 Conscious Features of Fashion App Orange Harp

4. Commitment to a healthier, more responsible lifestyle.

Especially with this year’s terrible winter, clothing is essential to life. So does food: A fact to which Orange Harp is no stranger. That’s why the app looks to encourage a holistically responsible lifestyle, going beyond what we wear, and extending into what we eat. Through its blog, Orange Harp looks to share information and knowledge on a healthy lifestyle, too, with content on the best foods for beauty and related topics. Delicious living, maximized.

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