Beauty of the Trees: 4 Natural Jewelry Makers Inspired by Forests

third eye pinecones

Since the beginning of time we have had an innate connection to adorning ourselves with the beautiful objects we find in our forests, deserts, river bottoms and seasides. The following natural jewelry makers are taking inspiration from the detailed work of our ancestors, creating modern but sustainable pieces that bring our Earth’s often overshadowed objects into the limelight. Ranging from simple and wearable to ornate and artistic, these jewelry makers are demonstrating the impressive versatility of our precious raw materials.

third eye pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones

Santa Cruz-based Third Eye Pinecones makes emblematic, organic jewelry from the center of the world’s densest pinecone, the Knobcone Pine, which can only reproduce post-forest fires. These incandescent and talismanic pieces are all lovingly handcrafted and many are inlaid with a wide variety of crystals and fossils such as sustainably obtained butterfly wings. Third Eye Pinecones also works in partnership with conservational foundation American Forests with their own “buy a cone, plant a tree” seed-harvesting and replanting scheme whereby 1-3 trees are planted per pendant sold.

mr lentz jewelry

Mr. Lentz

Mr. Lentz is a Colorado based crafty cowboy that has taken woodworked natural jewelry to the next level. Sustainable harvesting and production are the cornerstone of Mr. Lentz’s pieces, which are made from solid wood and naturally preserved plants. His unisex rings and pendants are carefully handcrafted, representing Mr. Lentz’s philosophy of “capturing the beauty of Mother Nature without harming her.” Inspired by the beauty of California’s Redwood Forests, these pieces truly convey the beauty of those magnificent trees in wearable form.

jacomin van der donk jewelry

Jacomin van der Donk

Jacomin van der Donk is a jewelry designer that allows nature to flow into her designs with endless and unexpected ease, resulting in interesting pieces that give a completely new life to varying natural objects. Twigs, stones, goat hair, antlers and other found objects combine in jewelry that not only is wearable, but stands out as a truly unique piece of art. A modern take on the body adornment creations of our ancestors, these pieces embody an intriguing juxtaposition of raw nature and refined design. As the designer states, “I try to bridge the material world and the life source that energizes it.

sarah hood jewelry

Sarah Hood

Sarah Hood is a jewelry artist who creates pieces ranging from wearable limited editions treasures to sculptural art pieces displayed in galleries. Her work tactfully displays the sculptural and detailed beauty of natural materials and objects, as demonstrated in her Organic Collection. Constantly drawing inspirations from the natural world, Hood brings a distinct elegance to each dimension of a necklace, ring or earring she creates, giving new life to many, too easily discarded natural materials.

Images: Third Eye Pinecones, Mr. Lentz, Jacomin van der Donk, Sarah Hood

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