4 Tips to Turn Your Yoga Gear Into Everyday Glam

3285 Convertible Wrap Blue Ash Mainsized

Clary Sage Organics’ locally-made and sustainable Convertible Wrap, Femme Dress and Willow Tank. 

Why is everyone wearing yoga pants? At least half the world’s population appears to be perpetually going to – or coming from – a yoga class. It is January of course, but unlike many fitness regimens, the preponderance of full-on fitness gear worn as an acceptable all-day outfit looks set to last well beyond the end of the month.

With 20 million people now practicing yoga, America’s fastest-growing sport is widely seen as hip and aspirational. It was only a matter of time before fashion took note. Despite yoga’s message of self-acceptance and non-materialism, targeting high-spending yogis’ desire for designer active wear has rapidly become big business. This fastest growing segment of the apparel industry is currently worth over $13 billion dollars.

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Clary Sage’s Surround Parka, made from 100% re-purposed Army Tents. Lined in 100% Organic Cotton. 

Part of a larger trend of people taking care of themselves, today’s women want to be seen as successful and socially valuable by being fit physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As anyone who’s ever experienced the self-confidence boost of apply a bright red lipstick knows, fashion that helps us feel good about the way we look is empowering.

The in-demand designer yoga clothing satisfies our desire for style, comfort and fit. The bottom line is these high-performance pants make your butt look good while bridging the surprising gap between the spiritual and the stylish. Who would have thought being less mindful of your butt could actually help you achieve more presence in life?

A growing number of sustainable brands such as prAna, Restore and Michael Franti’s Stay Human line are bringing environmentally friendly options to the market. Bay-Area favorite, Clary Sage Organics’ collection has been creating yoga-inspired lifestyle clothing since 2008. A devoted yogi herself, founder Patti Cazzato is noticing more and more that people walking round her San Francisco store’s Pacific Heights neighborhood have some sort of exercise garment incorporated into their outfits, “You’ll see tunics thrown over yoga leggings, or a hint of a sleek sports-bralet peeking out of a chiffon blouson.”

2792 Covet Wrap Smoky Quartz Mainsized

Clary Sage Organic’s Covet Wrap in Organic Cotton and Bamboo. Essential Cami in Organic Cotton and Cotton Jersey Spandex and the  Slick Miracle Crop made from recycled water bottles.

In fact, it’s this crossover appeal that’s at the heart of her successful store’s merchandising strategy. The collection’s thoughtful vintage-inspired designs are showcased amongst locally-made and eco-friendly clothing and accessory lines, so you can put an entire crossover workout fashion look together in one place.

As a fashion industry veteran and mother-of-two, Cazzato knows first hand the importance of making organic, toxin-free clothing, “The skin is our largest breathing organ and people have come to realize how important it is to choose the right materials to put on it. You don’t want to sweat into that nasty synthetic stuff.”

So if you’re thinking of taking your yoga off the mat and on to the streets (which as any yogi would agree is exactly the point of all that mat practice in the first place), here are our tips for making sure you always looks your best:

1. Show Your Style Spirit – To a certain degree the underpinnings of this look are the all the same, leggings and a cami top. From this point on keep your look as personal to you as possible. Whether your style preference is for rock-and-roll edge or a bohemian flounce, have fun with your look and infuse your yoga street style with your personality.

2. Accent Your Figure Shape – Apple, Pear, Hourglass or Banana, you already know what colors, shapes and necklines best suit your figure, don’t forget that hard-won insight now. A belt is the best bet to pull your look together. Belted around a cardigan or sweater dress the right belt creates a look that’s smart and comfy at the same time.

3. Up The Glam Factor With Accessories – A long scarf, a face framing hat or swashbuckling tall boots can transform your yoga basics so you can go through your day at ease. If you’re eco-minded, or a style lover who can’t bear to look like everyone else, interpret the latest runway trends with vintage and thrift finds.

4. Go Seamlessly From Day To Night – Upping the luxe factor by throwing on a silk top or cashmere wrap can be the difference between day and night. Adding a glam touch like a sparkling pair of drop earrings and heels will transition the look suitable for all but the most formal evening affairs.

Images: Clary Sage

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.