4 Unexpected Ways to Younger-Looking Skin: Use Your Razor, Ladies

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How to use your razor to score younger-looking skin.

We all love a new spin on an old favorite – especially when that new spin can help us score younger-looking skin. Ladies, I’d like to re-introduce you to… your razor.

That’s right, the handy little gizmo that keeps your legs looking so fresh and so clean is also one of your best anti-aging crime fighters. The backs of your hands, neck, and décolletage are some of the most noticeable places we age, and by shaving these areas twice a week in the shower, you’re not only exfoliating your skin, but stimulating collagen production, says Kerry Benjamin, aesthetician and owner of Kerry Benjamin Skincare.

I know, it sounds strange, but according to Benjamin it leads to a domino effect of goodness: Your beauty products will penetrate better, your makeup will go on smoother, and your skin will appear brighter and dewier. Cha. Ching. “It’s a fantastic way to exfoliate your skin,” says Benjamin. “It’s inexpensive, quick and effective.”

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous: Shave your face too! “It’ll instantly brighten you up once all the baby hairs are removed and your makeup will go on smoothly,” says Benjamin. It’s basically an at-home version of a professional dermaplane procedure, which uses an itty bitty sharp tool to scrape away the peach fuzz and slough off dead skin cells, leaving you with softer, younger-looking skin.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving won’t (I repeat, won’t) make your hair grow back thicker and darker, so you don’t have to worry about someone eventually asking you, “Aren’t you on Duck Dynasty?” The reason the belief in this myth is so strong is because when your hair grows out naturally, it tapers off to a sharp point, making the hair look thinner. When you shave it, the blunt cut of the re-growth seems coarser and thicker when it first starts growing out. “After a day or two, it goes back to exactly the way it was before you shaved,” says Benjamin.

When shaving your hands, neck and décolletage…

You can use the same razor you’re already using for your legs, such as the Preserve Triple Razor (making sure to change it regularly, of course). All you have to do is gently swipe the backs of your hands, neck, and decolletage as part of your beauty routine in the shower, following up with a quality moisturizer and SPF.

When shaving your face…

“I start at the top of my ear and shave down, going down to my jawline and in toward my nose to get the whole cheek, jawline, chin and upper lip,” says Benjamin. “Then, the sides of my face by my eyes, followed by my forehead, using downward strokes from the top of my hairline toward my brows. Lastly, I’ll stroke my neck downward from my jawline.”

Very little pressure’s needed, since you’re just exfoliating the dead outer layer of skin and removing the fine baby hairs. Make sure you use a fresh razor on your face and apply a creamy cleanser before shaving.

If you’re looking to achieve a dermaplane-esque treatment at home, they’re typically done with the skin dry, followed up with a peel, serums and moisturizer. “I recommend using a face shaver on dry skin, followed by an enzyme peel for a deeper exfoliation, then apply your serums and moisturizer,” says Benjamin. (Only, wait to do this until you’ve shaved your face several times and your skin’s adjusted to the regime.)

How often you should do this for younger-looking skin is up to you: It’ll vary depending on your hair growth and your desired look for your skin. “Twice a month should be ample to keep your skin smooth and free of peach fuzz,” says Benjamin.

For the ultimate dermaplane effect at home, Benjamin recommends taking one of these facial razors for a spin:

What do you think about this new path to younger-looking skin?

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