5 Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


This Mother’s Day, venture beyond flowers, chocolate and a card. Sure, the gesture is always welcome, but for a mother as special as yours, why not gift her something that will put an even bigger smile on her face?

The following 5 alternative Mother’s Day gift ideas are just as sentimental as they are unique.

1. Charitable Gift

The International Rescue Committee has set up a way for you to give a gift to help refugees around the world for causes including health, education, emergency relief rebuilding, and supporting women and girls. Mother’s Day gifts include a $24 safe delivery, $52 maternal health care, a $240 new classroom, and an $80 safe space for children, among many others. Gifts range from under $50 to over $250, so you can give comfortably within your budget. Mom will be happy to know that she has a helping hand in making the world a better place.

2. Handmade Goods

Buying clothes and other items from online retailers is nothing out of the ordinary, but ensuring that it’s handmade isn’t. Etsy allows you to buy just about anything from independent designers. Check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day Gifts section for ideas.

3. Personalized Cookbook

Is your mother a great cook but doesn’t have an organized cookbook? Bring her recipes together in a beautiful and personalized way with Tastebook. First, you create a recipe collection online and then you design a cover and add a dedication page. Your mother will love seeing all her favorite recipes in one straightforward and decorative place.

4. Personalized Wine

A good bottle of wine is never unwelcome, but for Mother’s Day, it’s worth it to up the ante on your gifting game. Personal Wine lets you personalize your wine bottle with Mother’s Day-apropos labels as well as a range of others fit for holidays, celebrations, corporate occasions, or for general purposes. Wine ranges from $23 to $150.

5. Personalized Chocolate

Chances are your mother is a fan of chocolate, and what better way to entice her taste buds than with a chocolate bar that practically screams her name? Chocomize lets you create your own chocolate bar. You begin with a dark, milk, or white chocolate template at $4.25 and then can add up to five toppings, each ranging from $0.50 to $4.00. Toppings include nuts and seeds, fruits, herbs and spices, candy, decorations (“Happy Mother’s Day” insignia included), and others, such as potato chips, money munch, ground coffee, graham teddies, and mini pretzels. Given the options, the resulting chocolate bar will truly be one of a kind, just like mom!

Photo CreditHdptcar