5 Clay Designers We Love


One of our favorite design mediums is clay because we’re in awe at what an artist can create out of clumps of earth and a little water. Of course, there was also that scene in Ghost that makes us love clay even more… but we digress.

Here are five of our favorite clay designers that we think you’ll love, too.


How can you not love this chunky beaded bracelet made from forest green natural clay? There’s even matching earrings and a necklace if you want to get all coordinated. Besides coming up with awesome clay-based jewelry, this designer also creates neat stuff out of paper, so be sure to check out the entire shop.


American Clay

When it comes to interior design, it’s hard to beat the look of walls covered in environmentally friendly, non-toxic earth plaster. Available in several colors and textures, American Clay’s approach to wall coverings get high marks from us for their beauty and the way it can be used from the most contemporary to the most traditional design schemes.


One Dream Design

Speaking of interior decorating, get a load of these handmade basin sinks. They’re just stunning and come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes to match your bathroom’s decor. This company also makes whimsical vases, bowls, and pots, like this 36-inch high vase with human-shaped ears for handles.


Atelier NL

Home design blog Dwell spotted this amazing line of clay kitchenware called Polderceramics. Each piece is made from clay taken from farms all around the Netherlands, then shaped into bowls, jugs, carafes, and other beautiful ceramics. It’s a gorgeous approach to tableware that makes us hope they create product lines for other rooms in the home.


Echo of Deco

If you’re a fan of art deco, you’ll go nuts for designs in this British pottery gallery. For example, take the line of darling glazed animal-shaped figures above. It’s called the “Ark Deco” line – get it? Ha! All the other pieces in the gallery are just as clever and reminiscent of the 1920’s and 1930’s jazz era and are just too cool for words.


Image: Atelier Clay Service