5 Crazy Things You Could Do With A Self-Driving Car

Rinspeed self-driving car

Multiple companies are now developing and testing driver-less cars. EcoSalon takes a light-hearted look at how a self-driving car could change your life.

As a freelancer, I’m used to working pretty much anywhere I can find a plug and a strong WiFi connection. The only place I really can’t work is in the car, which is annoying on long road trips during which I’d love to be able to get some work done. I must not be the only one who feels like travel time could be better spent.

Regus, which operates close to 2,000 business centers around the world, and Rinspeed, a Swiss studio focused on the automotive industry, recently made headlines with a self-driving car that doubles as an on-road office. Revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the XchangE features two fronts seats that swivel backwards to create a meeting space for four people. The electric car’s advanced infotainment system would also make it possible for workers to connect to their office and create presentations–which means less panic when you run into a wall of traffic on the way to a big meeting.

Rinspeed’s mobile office concept got us thinking about all the other things that will be possible once the self-driving car becomes reality…

Rinspeed self-driving car interior

4 More Things You Could Do With A Self-Driving Car

Sleep – Forget those uncomfortable road trips fueled by energy drinks and gut-busting fast food. With a self-driving car, the vacation starts the moment you buckle in. Just pull up a blanket and let the snoring begin.

Read/Study –  Never mind those books on tape. When you’re cruising in a self-driving car, you can pore over the pages of your favorite book without slowing down. And if you opted to go that concert instead of studying for your upcoming mid-term, the three-hour trip home in a self-driving car becomes a valuable cramming session.

Put on makeup – Nothing terrifies me more than being stuck in morning rush hour traffic and watching the woman behind me putting on makeup. With a self-driving car, you’d always be able to set the alarm 15 minutes later, and take care of make-up in the car without putting anyone at risk.

Fool around – With no need to keep your hands on the wheel, a self-driving car like the XchangE presents a prime opportunity for some quality snuggle time with your traveling partner. Just swivel those seats around and see what happens. You’re likely to arrive at your destination in a much better mood!

What funny/crazy/productive thing would you do in a self-driving car? Tell us in the comments!

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