5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table (Without Losing Your Mind)

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

The Thanksgiving table is full of memories. Whether they’re emotional, laughter-filled, or a little bit of both, it’s a time for family and friends to come together and take a moment to count their blessings (no, not discuss politics, Uncle Robert) – without also driving the hostess to drink.

I’ll be the first to admit, the holidays stress me out. It’s hard enough when I have to cook for vegetarians while satisfying meat eaters, clean the house from top to bottom, and stop myself from drinking wine before noon. Throw in making the place look festive before guests arrive, and you may as well lock me up and throw away the key.

But, rather than succumb to plasticy store-bought embellishments, I am challenging you (and me) to try out one of these easy Thanksgiving table decor ideas.

Before you tell me to take a hike, just hear me out – not only are these quick and easy, they’re also affordable, and are either inspired by nature, or call for things that are easily accessible.

Consider whether you want a casual party atmosphere, something fit for a modern family, or a rustic fall look filled with organic elements. Once you’ve done that, think about your budget and how much time you have to spend. Most of these picks are cheap (or free), and can be whipped up in just a few minutes. Besides, maybe your family will focus more on the impressive decorations, rather than their grievances. 

Take a look, and if you still want to murder me after suggesting a DIY during the holidays, then I officially give you a free pass on decorating this year.

1. Pumpkin Bowl

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

Pumpkins don’t have to go away once Halloween is over. Continue using these good-looking gourds to decorate your space for Thanksgiving, too. This pumpkin-turned-drink-holder DIY is perfect for the buffet table, and transforms the edible into something useful after you’ve harvested the seeds.

Plus, according to the Today Show, it only takes ten minutes to complete this easy project from start to finish. We like the look better without a plastic bucket placed inside. And if you’re not having a dry Thanksgiving (I mean, who can get through a family gathering without a stiff one?), then use this for chilling sparkling wine, or putting a pumpkin flavored ale on ice.  

2. Vine and Twine

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

Sometimes less is more when it comes to holiday decor, and this simple, yet beautiful, DIY from HGTV proves exactly that. When you’ve set the Thanksgiving table this year, consider collecting a few small strands of clipped backyard vines, or bunch of branches, and bundle them together with a piece of twine.

Place this greenery on top of each place setting, similar to the image shown. If you have time, include a little note on a piece of rustic paper and attach it to the twine with a hole punch. Let each guest know why you’re thankful for their attendance, or simply include their name to act as a place card.  

3. Krafty Table

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

By using one hundred percent recycled kraft paper as your tablecloth, you’ll reap several advantages. Not only is it better for the environment, but you can re-recycle this paper when you’re done, have a super easy clean-up after dinner, and you can incorporate this artsy and whimsical Thanksgiving table decor idea.

According to Country Living, all you need to do is cut your paper to the desired length, pencil sketch the design first, and then go over it with a paint marker. Use some greenery down the center, offer the kiddos at the children’s table their own crayons, and you will have spectacular adult table, along with an activity to keep the little ones happy.

4. Log Centerpiece

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

If you own a drill, or a small, handheld saw, then this should be a quick and easy DIY for your fall table. If you want to go the candle route, then we’d suggest checking out this tutorial from Jenna Burger Design. You simply buy the drill bit that will allow your candles to fit and start making some holes. Rather than slip a bare candle in there, though, make room for a thin votive holder, that way you can easily remove and replace when the candle is finished.

For the flower centerpiece, we took inspiration from the Sweet Peach Blog. Use fall florals from the local farmers market and arrange inside the log after carving out a vessel, or find one that already has all the holes you need. If you can, try and fit a low-lying container inside with a bit of water to keep your centerpiece fresher longer.

5. Fruit and Flowers

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table this Year (Without Also Losing Your Mind)

Thistlewood Farms provided inspiration for this natural and organic looking centerpiece. With a few hollowed out pumpkins filled with seasonal flowers (she uses hydrangeas), a few strategically placed pears, and a smattering of greenery, this is a simple and beautiful tablescape that anyone can make. Throw in a handful of walnuts in the shell or pinecones for even more rustic beauty and interest. For additional ideas using similar materials, check out this great example from HGTV.

What did you think of these Thanksgiving table decor ideas? Pretty easy, huh? Let us know your thoughts on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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