5 Eco-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas


This year, why not make a statement? If you are one who prides him or herself on reeling in the most clever and witty of Halloween costume ideas each year, perhaps it’s time to bring some consciousness to this year’s choice.

The following 5 eco-themed Halloween costume ideas are meant to get your creative juices churning. They not only are cute and fun, they also make you and those around you think, walking away with a greater awareness about the environment and the detrimental effects of climate change.

1. Greenwashing

Deck yourself out in green from head to toe and you can even go as far as to paint your face green. Stick “greenwashing” labels to yourself, such as “environmentally safe”, “eco-friendly”, “all-natural”, “non-toxic” or “made with 3% recycled materials”.

2. Captain Planet

Dress up as a superhero, but one that saves the planet. Your eco-warrior costume requires a color-coordinated bodysuit and cape (preferably green and some other neutral color). Write “eco-warrior” on the front and get creative with details.

3. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

You may have heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located in the Pacific Ocean. It’s comprised of two areas of concentrated marine debris, mostly non-biodegradable litter. Take advantage of your recycle bin and attach plastic bottles and other recycled items to your outfit so that you look like a patch of material.

4. Reusable Costume

Wear a costume from a few years or even a decade ago, making sure it has an obviously tight, undersized fit. Attach a label that says,“reduce, reuse, recycle”. What better way to make a statement? Just be careful nothing rips.

5. Polar Bear

Polar bears are bearing the brunt of climate change and your Halloween costume can get the message across. Dress like a polar bear with a full white jumpsuit, claws and white ears. Wear goggles over your eyes, as if to indicate you are now swimming where ice used to be.

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