5 Fabulous Furnishings That Grow With Your Kids

growth chart

Kids grow like weeds. Save money and reduce waste by choosing furniture that can accommodate every growth spurt.

One of my best friends recently had a baby. Scratch that–actually her daughter just turned one, and is already yelping out words and scooting around the house. “How can you be 1?”, I wrote in her birthday card, “You were just a bump!”

Kids grow fast, in the blink of an eye really. The comparison to weeds is well-earned. The tiny overalls that were so cute a month ago now expose chubby ankles as the wearer expands toward the sky. Same thing goes for furniture. Buying a tiny bed or desk might seem adorable right now, but the brilliance quickly fades when you realize they’ll outgrow it before first grade even starts.

Modular furniture is designed to be flexible. Much like a new parent’s sleep schedule, it’s adaptable, changing at a moment’s notice depending on the child, activity, and available space. Yes, the average piece of flex furniture costs a bit more than conventional pieces, but you have to factor in future savings: shell out a little more up front, and the next bed or desk you buy might be fitted to their college dorm room.

smart kid by adensen

1. Smart Kid Conversion Set by Adensen

Made of high-quality birch wood and non-toxic lacquer, Smart Kid is a multi-functional set of furniture that morphs along with your child. It can be assembled into a crib with a changing table and storage drawers, or a desk with a chalkboard, a bigger bed and all the drawers your child will need as it grows older. Suitable for children up to 10 years old. $1,170

desk by posture in style

2. Ergonomic Desks & Chairs by Posture in Style

Today’s children spend more time sitting than any previous generation. Designed specifically to promote good posture in young people, Posture in Style’s innovative line of German-made, ergonomic desks and chairs are safe, stylish, and feature rich. With tilt-able desktops, adjustable height surfaces and chairs, and customizable colors and designs, they’re an investment that cannot be outgrown. Chairs start at $475, desks around $800.

3. AZ Desk by Guillaume Bouvet

Who say’s children’s furniture has to look like it fell out of a circus truck? The AZ Desk possesses a modern sleekness worthy of an adult office, never mind the fact that it will certainly be covered in finger paint at some point. It includes a chair and writing surface that get taller as your child moves from toddler to adult. “Even the writing surface “grows up,” converting from a kiddie-friendly chalkboard into an ergonomic table,” reports Fast Co. Design.

growth table

4. Growth Table by Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn

In today’s busy world, work and school can often stand in the way of quality family time. The Growth Table is meant to encourage the entire family to gather together at the same surface, whether coloring, doing homework or paying bills. Especially perfect for homeschooling families with multi-aged children!

Orbea grow bike

5. Grow Bike by Orbea

Admittedly, this isn’t a piece of furniture. But bikes are so integral to childhood (and staying active) that we just had to include it. Spanish bike maker Orbea designed a line of bicycles that grow along with your child and (supposedly) last youngsters twice as long as regular bikes. Along with the seat and handlebars, the bike’s lightweight aluminum frame can be adjusted according to height, which eliminates the risk of putting your child on a bike that’s too big before they’re ready.

top image: stevendepolo