5 Food Subscription Boxes That are Far From Boring


Food subscription boxes you’ll want to take a bite out of. 

If you like discovering new foods, there’s no shortage of options, especially when you get those new foods delivered straight to your door. But this isn’t just about getting tasty food without having to leave the house, it’s about supporting cool food businesses and having fun in the process. Maybe even discovering a new favorite food you never knew existed.

Trust me, this isn’t your average Wine of the Month Club.

1. Hot Sauce

Love to smother everything you eat in hot sauce? Then you need Sauce Pack. These food subscription boxes will come to your door every month with one thing and one thing only: American made hot sauces. You’ll end up with three new bottles of hot sauce every month, ensuring that you’ll never go without a spicy meal. You can choose a variety of subscription options, from Mild Mannered (one pack, billed monthly) to Hell in a Handbasket (12 packs, billed yearly).

2. Coffee and Chocolate

When it comes to voting with your fork, coffee and chocolate are two of the goods where what you’re buying really matters. Coffee and chocolate aficionados will be happy to know they’re buying the good stuff in the Caffe Vita and Theo Chocolate subscription. This craft coffee roaster from Seattle is committed to sourcing and working directly with its farmers, so its no surprise that their sustainability ethos aligned with local chocolate company Theo Chocolate, who makes sure all of their cocoa beans are organic and Fair Trade certified. The subscription includes one 12 ounce bag of coffee and one chocolate bar every month, and can be bought in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

3. Vegan Snacks

While you’re good at making your own green smoothies and all, sometimes you just want an easy, packaged snack. For that there’s the Vegan Snack Box from Vegan Cuts. Full of vegan-friendly treats, from chips to tea, these snacks are sure to feed your junk food craving, and without the guilt. The boxes are available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

4. Pickles

Oh you wanted a pickle subscription? Well, you can get that. Mouth, the company behind the Pickles Every Month subscription, is devoted to promoting indie food, so you can be sure that your pickles aren’t your average ones off the grocery shelf. And it won’t just be your classic pickled cucumbers; you’ll find your way working through pickled beets, carrots, cauliflower, okra, garlic scapes, peppers, grapes, garlic, cherries, mushrooms, tomatoes, and fennel. Pickles Every Month is available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month subscriptions.

5. Snacks that Give Back

What’s neat about Love With Food isn’t just what’s in their food subscription boxes – organic and all-natural, healthy snacks – but what comes along with it. For every box that goes out, Love With Food donates meal to a hungry child. Working with different food banks, since launching Love With Food has donated more than 320,000 meals.

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Image: Vegan Cuts

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