5 Fun Swimwear Pieces to Wear Waterside: Friday Finds

We've got a lot of fun swimwear suggestions to wear waterside.

Summer is coming… Do you have your swimwear ready? You probably have something to wear to the beach, lake, or pool, but if you want to update your waterside wardrobe with something a bit more exciting, we’ve got some fun swimwear suggestions.

Fun swimwear, one piece

1. Crochet Monokini

Crochet is kind of the “it girl” of the swimwear world this year. I like this suit choice because it still kind of covers the stomach, but provides a lot of sexy silhouettes. This deep-v suit features a halter-top (a great choice is you’re afraid of breast spillage). If you would rather have a one-piece swimsuit that covers more, or a straight up string bikini, Free People has plenty of those available, too. Priced at $148.

Fun swimwear, two piece

2. Nanette Lepore Montecito Side-Tie Bottoms and High-Neck Top

I really love the top of this two-piece swimsuit because it covers everything. So, if you plan on bending, stretching, or doing anything other than laying out in the sun, it’ll provide some coverage. Also: This suit’s pattern is incredibly cute. Again, if you don’t dig this two piece, Anthropologie has plenty of other two-piece options with more coverage. The bottom of this suit is priced at $72 and the top is $84.

Fun swimwear, hat

3. Floppy Straw Hat

You love your face skin, right? If so, you better cover it up when you’re outside. And what better way to cover your head, scalp, and face region by donning a cute, vintage hat. This hat is $33, from Etsy, and hails from the 1970s.

Fun swimwear, sunglasses

4. Vintage Sunglasses

In our opinion, fun swimwear must always include a nice pair of sunnies. And if you want a 1970s pair of frames to go under your floppy hat, we recommend this pair. As stated above, the sunglasses are vintage and feature sunny, orange frames. Priced at $40.82, from Etsy.

Fun swimwear, cover-up

5. Cremieux Swimsuit Cover-Up

At some point during your waterside voyage you’re probably going to want to cover up and give your skin a break. When doing so, we suggest going comfy. This cover-up looks pretty dreamy and because it’s a white, cream color, it will go with anything. Priced at $24.49 from ThredUp.

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