5 Funky Winter Accessories to Keep You Warm: Friday Finds

Funky winter accessories to keep you toasty.

If it gets cold where you live, you know you’re going to have to start covering up in the next few weeks. But just because you have to wear more layers than usual doesn’t mean you have to stop looking cute. We’ve rounded up 5 funky winter accessories that will help you stay warm (and looking good) this winter.

Funky winter accessories, scarf

1. Shimmered Pocket Scarf

This cozy scarf would be a great choice if you’re planning on going out and don’t want to carry a bag. It features cute shimmery pockets that are conveniently attached to a very long scarf. If you’re not toting around any gear, use the pockets as an extra set of gloves. It doesn’t get cozier than that. Priced at $88 from Anthropologie.

Funky winter accessories, hat

2. Powder River Pol Beanie

Everyone needs a fun beanie to get them through the winter. And in my opinion, a hat isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t have a fluffy ball attached to its top. This hat from Free People is priced at $48.

Funky winter accessories, ear muffs

3. Sage Earmuffs

Now, I’m generally not a fan of earmuffs. They typically look incredibly bland and aren’t adorned with any type of flair. My opinion changed very quickly when I saw the above amazing earmuffs on Free People’s site. Priced at $38.

Funky winter accessories, collar

4. Jessa Faux Fur Collar

This piece is going straight to my wishlist. I love this collar’s shape, size, and color. (While I’m smitten with the navy hue above, the natural color is quite pretty, too.) This faux fur collar would look amazing atop any winter coat or jacket, or atop an equally fuzzy crop top sweater. Priced at $68 from Free People.

Funky winter accessories, vest

5. Alice + olivia Faux Fur Vest

Yeah, this is a vest, but it’s a really long vest (and that’s why we love it). This vest would look great with any outfit if you’re looking for extra warmth, or could add some sexy flair to some leggings. Priced at $62.99 from ThredUp.

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