Exquisite Lamps Your Living Room (and Wallet) Will Thank You For

Lamps not only light up my life, but they ooze personality and flair. If you don’t want to skimp on style, but can’t afford a haute designer-labeled lamp, fortunately, there are plenty of lighting options that fit the bill without breaking the bank. Here are five our faves, all for under $450.

  1. Weathered Wood Floor Lamp ($249 – pictured above)
    Bring a bit of the outdoors in with this floor lamp made of hand-picked, sun-dried driftwood.
  2. Recycled French Bottle Lamp ($429)
    Available in several different hues, this cool, curvy lamp adds warmth and an alluring shape to your space.
  3. Infinity Energy Star Fluorescent Bamboo Accent Table Lamp ($298)
    Shoji glass and simple, Asian-inspired shapes give this accent lamp its stylish appeal.
  4. Cancan Floor Lamp (listed for $330 on Neena’s Lighting)
    We love the sleek shapes and whimsical patterns of Light’s Up lamps. This one has a few different options for shades.
  5. Ruby Lamp from Babette Holland Design (listed for $390 on multiple sites)
    Babette Holland’s lamps have a distinctively polished, yet organic quality that we love. She also also uses recycled materials as much as possible.