5 Green, Handmade Etsy Cat Toys for Frolicking Felines


While cats are known and admired for their stoicism, and cat owners are amazed at their beloved pal’s uncanny ability to sleep the day away, we’ve all seen frolicking felines in action, and it’s the stuff  hilarious YouTube videos are made of. If you want to treat your sweet kitty to a cherished cat toy to help wile away the six or so hours she’s awake each day, here’s a list of five handmade, eco-friendly cat toys that are lovingly crafted by Etsy artisans. Bonus: Each toy is filled with organic catnip to really up the ante!

Felted Wool Organic Cat Nip Apple Toys

Seen at the top of this post, let’s hope an apple a day keeps the vet away. Opalina of Opalina’s Boutique started making her own pet toys upon being dismayed at all of the toxic, unregulated animal toys she came across. Her felted wool organic apple toys ($8 each) are stuffed with organic cat nip to their very core. Made from recycled, high-quality wool sweaters, each toy is felted and laundered with eco-friendly soap before being shipped out. All cat toys also come with bells inside so cats can really ring in the fun.


Organic Catnip Bakery

If your cat has more of a sweet tooth, indulge him with these handmade and decadent bakery treats. “Stuffed with special secret high quality certified organic catnip,” and “ridiculously detailed,” cats will want to sink their teeth right into these felted goodies. Just make sure your kids don’t think these treats belong in their play kitchen! Priced at $39 for five treats.


Sassy Cat Fish Toys

Cat’s know when something’s fishy, but there’s nothing questionable about these adorable fish-shaped toys, which are handcrafted from reclaimed and leftover fabrics. Stuffed with cleaned and reclaimed futon stuffing, fabric scraps, and organic catnip, your feline friend can get a high from knowing his treat is 100% green. Get three fish for $13.


Hand Knit Wooly Mice Cat Toys

Good things come in twos, and these sweet little mice toys are sold in pairs for $12. Hand knit and felted from 100 percent wool, the real perk comes from the organic cat nip that’s generously stuffed inside! Click here to see the array of colorful and intricate patterns these designer mice come in!


Organic Cat Nip Martini Olive

These funny martini olive cat toys ($7) were specially designed for “the fabulously mod feline who deserves a cocktail olive (or two) to help unwind after a hard day’s work.” Perfectly shaped to be batted around, cats will love both the high and the relaxing aftermath of the 100 percent premium organic cotton catnip hidden inside the olive. That’s some pimento.

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Images: Opalina’s Boutique, Catzilla Crafts, JennerationFix, Cattitude Creations, Jake & Micah