5 Green Reasons We Love Pearl Jam

5 Eco-Friendly Reasons We Love Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is one of the biggest bands in the world. Eddie Vedder and crew have sold a whopping 32 million albums in the U.S. and 60 million albums worldwide to date.

And while their music has been inspiring fans for 25 years, what’s less well known is the band’s green efforts. From mitigating carbon to streamlining shipping, and donating to environmental causes at home and abroad, the band has taken pains to boost green causes. Their efforts help shine a light on a number of different environmental causes all over the world. Here are some reasons why environmentalists love Pearl Jam.

1. Green shipping

The Ten Club is Pearl Jam’s official fan club started by the band in the 1990s. The club ships merchandise all over the world to the plethora of fans that can’t get enough t-shirts, bootleg albums, and stickers. Each year Ten Club sends out a mailing with their magazine and official single chosen by the band. To reduce their impact on shipping, the band worked with UPS to switch to 100 percent recyclable boxes held together without tape and printed with soy-based ink. Soy-based ink is a more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based inks.

2. Carbon mitigation

According to the band, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the heavy carbon toll of touring unless the band were to give up touring all together. But by mitigating carbon, they can begin to give back what they took away. Pearl Jam started to mitigate carbon in 2003 by hiring environmental scientists to calculate the metric tons of carbon dioxide output. Afterwards, they donated $100,000 to nine environmental organizations working on climate change.

3. Protecting a rainforest in Madagascar

Also, as part of the band’s Carbon Portfolio Strategy, they donated $85,000 to protect a rainforest in Madagascar. The band offset 5,700 metric tons of carbon by creating and managing a rainforest in Makira, Madagascar.

4. Protecting Puget Sound

The band donated another $210,000 to plant 33 acres of trees in Puget Sound. They worked with Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC) to mitigate 7,000 metric tons of carbon from their 2009 tour where they played for over 1 million fans. CLC works on urban forests with three goals in mind: to protect the forests from invasive species, galvanize and activate the public to want to protect forests, and to connect people with nature.

5. Partnering with Green Dot

Pearl Jam partnered with Green Dot to create biodegradable luggage tags for the Ten Club. Green Dot is a Kansas-based bioplastics company that is making entirely biodegradable luggage tags that will be a special gift for club members. Green Dot is working with Sea-Lect Plastics to create the luggage tags that diehard fans can feel good about when they’re following the band from stop to stop. The tags are strong enough to travel around the globe with the band yet kind enough to biodegrade and not pollute the planet with plastic.

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