5 Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

If you’re not getting enough roughage in your diet, you probably didn’t consider devouring on the paper plate underneath your sandwich. There are a few serving utensils, however, that don’t just look good enough to eat, they actually are edible.

The only thing cooler than sipping a mojito while lounging in a hammock, is munching your way through the edible drinking cup when you’re done. This vegan drinkware is made of agar and created in different flavors, like lemon-basil or ginger-mint. Once you’ve slurped down your cocktail, nibble your way around the edges or drop in a compost heap to biodegrade on its own.

Edible bowls – think taco salad – aren’t particularly new, but Italian entrepreneur Tiziano Vicentini has a pretty inventive take on the idea. He’s created a plate made from 100 percent biodegradable dough that’s sturdy enough to withstand soggy soups and sauces, and can even manage a trip through the microwave. Though the center of the plate isn’t meant to be eaten, its perimeter is designed to be torn off and eaten as a cracker or dipping bread.

The next time you’re debating whether to use a big batch of plastic eating utensils at your next party or consider using your own and face washing 200 knives and forks, think about laying out edible cutlery instead. Eco-packaging company Casetta makes forks and spoons out of vegetable pulp and sorghum, which also happen to be naturally high in nutrients like iron, folic acid, and carotene. The utensils are sturdy enough to use in hot or cold food and stay crunchy enough to much when you’re done with your meal. If you do decide to toss them out instead, the cutlery naturally disintegrates within a day.

Blisstree discovered this neat Cookie Cup formed into a cup-shaped pastry and covered in waterproof icing. It’s a perfect way to quaff your coffee or hot tea, then ditch the single-use “trash” in a responsible way. If munching through the used cup doesn’t grab you, at least you can throw it in the garden or compost pile with a clear conscience.

We’re crazy about these gorgeous serving bowls Dutch artist Geke Wouters shapes out of vegetable fibers. Of course their shelf-life is somewhat limited but they’re a perfect way to lend a touch of elegance to your next cocktail party or birthday bash.