5 Off-the-Shoulder Outfits to Wear Come Winter: Friday Finds

Off-the-shoulder outfits are great winter wear.Autumn and winter may not seem like the seasons to wear off-the-shoulder outfits, but they totally are. Especially if you correctly craft your ensemble.

We’ve rounded up five off-the-shoulder outfits that any woman can wear with confidence throughout the upcoming chilly months.

Off-the-shoulder outfits can be slinky.

1. Off-the-shoulder dress

Let’s start with the subtly slinky. Body con dresses are a staple in most women’s closets. This dress, similar to all the classic dresses you already have, features a body con fit, and an off-the-shoulder accent. To counter this dress’ tight fit, pair it with a large, shaggy jacket, thick tights, socks, and vegan Dr. Martens. Priced at $78. Enhance this dress’ color by pairing it with items that are white or beige, or create a muted look by pairing it with black or forest green hues.

Off-the-shoulder outfits can include bodysuits.

2. Off-the-shoulder bodysuit

If you want a sleek, put-together look at the office, we suggest wearing this snug bodysuit with a pencil skirt to avoid the dreaded panty line. This bodysuit is incredibly soft and features long sleeves. Its off-the-shoulder design is draping. The overall fit is lightweight and stretchy. Priced at $58. We think this bodysuit would look best with a dark grey pencil skirt and cropped blazer. Add some black loafers and a mini, faux leather backpack.

Off-the-shoulder outfits can be trendy.

3. Off-the-shoulder jumpsuit

Break fashion tradition and wear flowers in late fall or early winter. If any outfit will allow you to do so, it’s this one. This incredibly trendy jumpsuit features a pronounced off-the-shoulder neckline and gorgeous, large bell bottoms. Pair this jumpsuit with a deep brown faux fur coat, dark brown floppy hat, and dark brown cowboy boots–perfect for a Thanksgiving party and feast. Priced at $168.

Off-the-shoulder outfits can be casual.

4. Off-the-should pullover

You can dress the off-the-shoulder trend in a casual way, too. An example: this wool, pullover sweater. It’s simple, classy, and can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans, bell bottoms… You get the idea. Maybe wear it on a casual Friday with your favorite, wide-leg, vintage jeans, worn in boots, and a slouchy beanie. Priced at $98.

off-the-shoulder outfits can be retro.

5. Off-the-shoulder, retro-inspired sweater

And because retro 1970s inspired clothing are having their time in the sun—again—we had to include this versatile sweater. You can wear it anywhere. This pullover sweater features bell sleeves that would look amazing paired with platforms and corduroy. Priced at $68.

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