5 Shipping Container Homes You’d Give Up Your House For

Stunning shipping container homes.

Have you ever considered living in a shipping container? You may now after seeing these shipping container homes.

According to the US Census, the median home price in the US in 2010 was $221,000, but for many locations (and that doesn’t include New York City or Southern California), most of that cost is tied up in the dwelling and not the land. In an effort to have a smaller environmental footprint and to greatly reduce the price of their home, some are turning to building their own homes from repurposed shipping containers. Yes, you read that correctly. Some clever creative types are using shipping containers to create some truly stunning shipping container homes. Homes that you and I would be lucky enough to live in!

The average shipping container costs just around $2,000. You could build shipping container mansion for the average price of a ranch style home.

Don’t believe me, take a look at some of these stunning shipping container homes.

Stunning shipping container homes.

Image: Maison IDEKIT

Maison IDEKIT Quebec Container Home –  Architect Bernard Morin and wife Joyce Labelle built this stunning home in Quebec using seven recycled shipping containers. They started a new company called Maison Idekit with the idea of building shipping container homes for others.

Stunning shipping container homes.

De Maria Design Redondo Beach House – This beach house was built from eight shipping containers and with some traditional building materials. The architects tout this design as being both affordable and indestructible and have used the experience to create a new product line of prefab shipping container homes called Logical Homes.

Stunning shipping container homes.

Saxe Containers of Hope Home – Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe turned two shipping containers into this open and airy home for only $40,000. It’s a luxury home without the luxury budget.

Stunning shipping container homes.

Container Guest House –  This guest house was built by Texas architect Jim Poteet from a shipping container for his San Antonio clients. It features a deck, a green roof and floor to ceiling windows.

Stunning shipping container homes.

Meka Hela 1280 – Meka uses repurposed shipping container frames and other materials to create prefab modular homes that range in price from $29,000 – $215,000 depending on the size and features. The Hela 1280 is the top of their line.




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Top Image: Saxe Containers of Hope Home

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