5 Spring Basics that are Anything But Basic! Friday Finds

Spring basics make looking good easy.

The word basic has a bad, excuse me, boring reputation in the fashion world. Well, we’re going to take the word basic back in this week’s Friday Finds and show you some spring basics that are totally not drab.

Spring basics, jumpsuit

Spring basics, purse

1. Black Jumpsuit and Fashionable Big Bag

Think of basic as just code for simple and easy to throw on when you have five minutes to get out the door. And that’s why we love jumpsuits. The one-piece resurgence is doing wonders for our propensity to hit the snooze button over and over again. This sleek jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for days where you have no time but want to look fashionable. Priced at $28.99. Pair it with this subtly flashy over-sized bag for good measure. Priced at $101.99.

Spring basics, tank

Spring basics, shorts

2. Cut-off Shorts and Tank

There’s a reason why the tank (priced at $38) and cut-off shorts (priced at $68) combo has never gone away. This classic look is perfect for hot days full of action or at rest. We picked this simple combo because both staples look great together, and will look wonderful paired with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Spring basics, shirt dress

Spring basics, shoes

3. Shirt Dress and Slip-Ons

Headed to the beach or lake? You’ll want to slip on this shirt dress. It has all the comfort of an oversized smock and the style of a woman who values easy fashion. Priced at $138. The only pair of shoes we could possibly pair with this effortless dress are slip-ons. These sneakers have a classic design and a structure that will leave your feet cozy. Priced at $60.

Spring basics, shirt

Spring basics, skirt

4. Retro Shirt and Denim Skirt

While the classic shirt and cut-offs look is perfect for most any occasion, it’s not polished. If you’re looking to appear a bit more put together, try a similar outfit: the shirt and jean skirt. This light denim A-line skirt (priced at $58) will compliment this vibrant, retro shirt (priced at $58) quite well.

Spring basics, dress

Spring basics, shoe

5. Maxi Dress and Sandals

Maxi dresses are still in style, thank goodness. We love this simple dress because although it’s long, it has various lines and embellishments and buttons that extenuate the body. Priced at $168. And we couldn’t end this post without including a simple pair of sandals. Because it’s just not spring unless you can gaze down and see your bare toes. Priced at $78.

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