5 Steps to a Naturally Sexy Pout

red lips

What makes lips sexy?  Is it the size, shape, color, or placement on the face?  

Lips represent how we communicate. We use them for kissing, affection, and to express our sexuality. Well moisturized lips in a naturally flushed color say healthy, and healthy is sexy.  Don’t have Scarlett Johansson’s naturally full, pink & pouty pair? Don’t stress. Most of us don’t. Make the most of what you’ve got using these five steps.

1.  Keep them healthy.  No one wants to have shriveled looking, flaky, peeling lips, so take steps to keep them healthy. Exfoliate to remove dead skin and use a good lip balm to seal in moisture.  You can use just about any face or body scrub on your lips too, however, The Natural Lip Scrub is a delicious options formulated specifically for your kisser. Remember to drink lots of water too – it shows in the lips first when you’re dehydrated.

2.  Define their shape.  Use a high quality lip pencil to outline your shape.  You can match the tone to your lipstick or pick one close to the natural color of your lips for a more subtle effect. Wearing a deep hue?  Give your natural shape and size a boost by running the pencil just outside your natural borders to create a fuller lip, but keep  close in. No clown faces here. Primitive Makeup’s super creamy Lip Pencils offer a range of flattering shades for lining lips or providing all over colors.

3.  Plump them up.  While not a permanent solution, there are a variety of natural lip plumpers to add a little more volume to your pout.  Look for products that use hyaluronic acid to attract and bind moisture to the lips. Eve Organics Lip Plumper is a good natural option that does double duty as a high shine gloss. It also contains cinnamon which will cause the lips to swell slightly (if only for a little while) for a bit of a bee stung look.

4.  Be an illusionist.  A trick to adding the appearance of fullness is to dab a highlighter on your lower lip.  Choose a pale pink or pearly white shade (nothing blue). Vapour Organic Beauty’s Trick Stick Highlighter in Luster or Star are good options. Apply to nude lips or over color, just a dab in the center of your lower lip, right where it starts to turn out will give the illusion of fullness.

5.  Add some color.  Whether it’s siren red or a naturally flushed pink or peach, choose a color that’s at least a couple shades darker than  your skin.  No white, super light pastels or frosted shades, blue, green or black. It’s just not flattering and lips simply don’t turn that color naturally unless your frost bitten or channeling a zombie.  W3LL People’s Nudist Colorbalm Stick provides flattering shades in a sheer formula along with amazing shine and long lasting moisture–everything you want in a single stick. Looking for a deeper shade?  Line then color in lips for lasting color and layer over with your favorite gloss, plumper or a Nudist shade that’s complementary.

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Image: socialspice